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Tips for preventing asthma attacks

جلوگیری از حملات آسم

AsthmaIt is a respiratory disease that sometimes affects and is often short-lived attacks.It can be prevented from attacking with very simple points.

1Avoid sensitive materials. These materials are more visible in certain seasons. For example, in the spring, when plants are pollinated, the problem of some patients with asthma also increases. Of course, sometimes sensitivity to other factors such as climate, molds, etc., which constantly exist in nature, negates the position of seasonality. So, given the sensitivities, you can find the sensitivity to certain substances and avoid them.

2Avoid contaminated air, such as smoke from factories and cars in crowded and crowded cities.

3Do not take medication without prescribing them and remind your asthma when you visit your doctor. For example, using aspirin or some anti-inflammatory drugs, such as indomethacin and ibuprofen, which unfortunately are used extensively in our country without prescribing physicians. Asthma

4Take regular medications to prevent the onset of asthma attacks. Note that even if you feel that you have no problem, do not stop taking medications.

5To remove dust in the bed, wash the blankets and sheets with very hot water (60 ° C) and dry them in the sun.

6Occupational factors are also an important phenomenon in intensifying asthma attacks. Wood particles and vegetables, medicines, plastics, paints, cleaning materials and animal waste exacerbate the disease. If you have a better public holiday, but when you get worse off, it's likely your problem is related to your job.

7Even if you are careful, do not get an airway infection. Viral infections are also very important, you may still suffer from asthma attacks weeks after the infection.

8Avoid exercising in cold and dry weather, because cold and dry weather can exacerbate your illness, such as swimming in the hot water pool is much better than skiing and other winter sports.

9Keep the doors and windows closed when the pollination rate of the plants reaches its maximum (usually 7-10am, 5 to 9am). This, in particular, in the spring, reduces the contact with allergens.

10Immerse and impermeable coatings and anti-dust coatings on the pillow so that they can prevent the life of the hirsutism.

11Avoid cigarette smoking, especially in the bedroom.

12Get rid of sniffing smoke and smoke from the kitchen.

13Do not use soap, shampoo or lotion that smells and does not use stimulants.

14Avoid keeping pets, especially in the bedroom. If not avoided, the weekly wash of the animal is recommended.

15Wash curtains and toys and pots for children on a regular basis.

16Because some of the species of bacon are more likely to cause asthma than hirsutism, it is recommended to clean and clean infected households regularly and completely.

17Avoid emotional excitement.

● Remember that:

Asthma trigger trigger may be associated with various stimuli such as: cold weather, cigarette smoke, viral infections, stress, exercise, odors, and drugs (especially aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

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