Life Tips 2

Life Tips 2

Rejoice your loved ones with unforgettable little gifts.

Do not blame others. Take on the responsibilities of your life.

Never tell someone who has a slimming diet.

Make the most of bad conditions.

Forgive all the clothes that you have not used in the last three years.

Live your life so that when your children saw good, kind and energetic, they remembered it.

When you are not in town, ask someone to get your letters and newsletters. These are the first things that attract the attention of potential pirates.

Accept your mistakes.

Use your humor to laugh, not to abuse.

Remember that the news of all media is directional.

Watch a photographic period.

When you're stuck in traffic, let others kick you.

Donate to the home and school community.

Demanding excellence

Whistling in loneliness

Bravebe . Even if you are not brave, protest. No one will understand his difference.

Embrace children after punishment.

Learn to make beautiful things.

Always push the hand that stretches out to you.

Never forget your wedding anniversary.

Eat plum bukhara.

Ride a bike

Help charity with generous time.

Do not underestimate your health.

Tips for life

If someone was willing to hire Torah, talk to him even if you did not like that job. Until you have personally heard a suggestion, do not take on opportunities.

Do not close the drug and do not associate with those who use it.

Even if your income is good, get your children to work and pay a portion of their college's college.

Avoid saying ingenious words.

Avoid spending time at restaurants that have a lot of glitter.

Do not forget that in work and in home relations, trust is the most important thing.

Forget your honey and goose.

Do not persuade anyone to choose a lawyer's job.

do not smoke .

Slow dance

Re-fill the refrigerator container after consumption.

Give the old newspaper, bottles, and cans to your liking.

Arrange with your regular classmates.

Never allow anyone to fall asleep.

Never invest more than you lose.

Choose your partner carefully. Ninety-five percent of happiness and life expectancy are the result of this decision.

Get used to good people so that you never know what you are.

Even if your income is good, get your children to work and pay for their car insurance.

Trust only those books that you do not upset.

Always have something nice ahead, even if there is a flower of enamel in a glass of water.

Learn to type.

Read the constitution of the state.

Think big thoughts, but enjoy small joy.


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