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Sleep Pleasure (1)

فشار روانی و نوشداروی آرامش

The pressure of psychology is called the sadness of the twentieth century, but it seems that in the 21st century it has become sadder, and perhaps it is possible to confront it as the greatest challenge of today's human beings. Today's fast-growing society is the main cause of stress (or stress).

What we all want, whether we will not be exposed to a variety of stresses of varying intensity. Traffic, inappropriate encounters with an office employee, nervous fatigue, family tensions, even the air condition can be one of the thousands of stressors and a variety of psychosomatic diseases (physical illnesses that are rooted in mental problems) such as stomach ulcers, diseases Skin and blood pressure, reducing the threshold of tolerance and unnecessary conflicts with different people, reducing the concentration of thought, reducing the efficiency of work, etc. It is also a negative consequence of bearing these pressures if there is no proper behavior and reaction in dealing with them. .

The best way to deal

To cope with stress, there are very simple ways to experience a lively and enjoyable life. But the best way to cope with stress is to prevent it (moreover prevention is better than treatment). Stress can be caused by exogenous factors (such as offensive remarks by a passer-by) or internal factors (such as disturbing thoughts), but if we can reconsider our thoughts or behaviors, it will not be necessary to become psychologically stressed. For example, one can ignore the mistake of the passerby and ignore his insults, or by engaging in thought, to entertaining and positive work prevents the accumulation of disturbing thoughts in the mind. The adoption of a gentle, lively and self-reliant way of life, creating high capacity for disadvantages and frustrations, patience and patience, doing wisely things that result in the least harm and consequent psychological pressure, coexist with friends who have morale Positive and calm and prevention of various diseases in coping with stress are among the best solutions.

be calm

Another very powerful way to deal with stress, which has an amazing overall effect, is to slow down a little bit of work. We said that today's society is accelerating, but we can arrange that our behavior is calmer. You can eat slowly, pray more calmly, walk a bit more calmly and drive a little bit - just a little bit - more relaxed. From today, decide to do some things in a minute. Just like watching the movie slowly, you have the infinite chance to do things, and promise to yourself that you will not be bored. By doing this exercise, after a while, you will see the expansion of this tranquility to other parts of your life.

Useful things

There are also some things that help you do a lot, especially when you're having stress, doing some of these activities immediately back to normal. A shower of cold water (especially in summer and lukewarm water in the winter) is the best way to calm down and stay calm. Nothing, like a cool shower, bends and fatigue a working day in the middle of a hot summer. The gentle massage is also a quick way to repel the pressure, especially the shoulder, shoulder and back muscles massages. Have a smile on your face, this will also help you calm down. Respiratory control is also a means of coping with stress. Because stress rhythm is inhaling (slow or slow), it can also be reduced to stress by returning it to normal conditions. Walking to reduce and relieve stress. Walking because of the movement in the blood circulation system prevents the accumulation of blood in a particular area and causes balance in various systems of the body.

Do not eat these

I heard someone say that by changing the food of humans one can turn a noble person into a criminal! This is an exaggeration but true truth. Foods that you eat will affect your spirits and personality 100 percent. Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol are three types of substances that are mistakenly considered to be a factor in reducing mental stress, while, contrary to many studies, the higher the use of these substances, the greater the amount of irritability in stressful situations. Excessive use of very sweet and high sugar content also has a positive effect on increased irritability. The excessive and arbitrary use of sedative pills also plays a role in reducing the irritability threshold, which means that the excessive consumption of these medicines will increase your excitability and go fast with any pretext. Heavy and high-fat foods also increase the amount of irritation due to the heavier amounts of stomachs that cause long hours of gastrointestinal activity. In general, the more natural the foods are, the healthier and the more fresh they are, they are more effective in preventing stress.

To maintain peace, he must live in balance. Minutes of rest between daily work pressures are as sharp as saw, which not only increases efficiency, which also keeps calm.


Man is the essence of man's work and is the factor of success and victory, but the continuous and uninterrupted and busy work is a failure and dismay of man. Did you hear the famous two-story story, one that you could not stop, and the other one sitting every few hours and sharpening his saw? At the end of the day, the two people who calculated their cuttings, who most rested, were more likely to cut the stick. Those who dwell permanently suffer from a chronic fatigue that affects their mental well-being and reduces their effectiveness and, in the long run, causes burnout and various types of illnesses. To maintain peace, he must live in balance. The rest of the time between daily work pressures is as sharp as a saw that not only increases efficiency, which also keeps calm. In addition, during the year, take a few days to relax in full peace, to prepare your mind and body for the coming days.

Source: Tebyan