Chuck your brain!

Charge your brain

Regardless ofAge, Gender and ... If we want to have a better life, we need to make better use of this gray box. These 20 recommendations help us know the value of this box.

The human brain is only a few hundred grams. But with the few hundred grams, the keys to many secrets of life have been opened up; puzzles that are even hard to imagine solving. This gray object can create the greatest achievements and abilities for a dream with difficulty in us.

However, many of us are not aware of this power and do not use this extraordinary potential. Nevertheless, regardless of your age, gender, religion or belief, if you want to have a more successful life, you should use this gray box better. do. These 20-inch recommendations are intended to help us know more about the safety of this safe.

1. Take a deep breath

More air, more oxygen in the blood and more oxygen in the blood, means the brain engine application. There is enough air around us all, just open your nose and fill your lungs with air. A few deep breaths can relax you in addition to turning on the brain engine and help you think in more space.

2. Learn the focus

Do not think you're going to have to do too much work. Just close your eyes right now and give all your inspiration back to sleep. Put your muscles in contraction and then help them pull out these muscles out of the air. When your mind wanders between different things, it can not work properly, while the focus of 5 or 10 minutes can calm you down and wipe your mind off the dusty dust and prepare you to think right.

Sit down and give your attention to mental calculations

ThisActionGet used to it many times a day for yourself. When you're idle in the bus, at work and in the waiting queue, start adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers. If you are in a rush, take a ride or ride a math unity one day. Maybe tell me I hated math at school time, now how do I do this? I do not know how you exercise your mind and you are ready to analyze the issues.

So far, it's felt that you lock your mind and become a piece of rock that has captured all your possessions (meaning mental possessions) ... well! If you're in this state of affairs, put aside childhood memories and peace with mathematical lessons. You can start the simple operation and after a while, it's amazed by the effect of this work on your brain!

4. Remember phosphorus and vitamin B6

In vitro studies have shown that vitamin B6 and phosphorus play an important role in raising awareness. They activate cell-based communication. They affect the growth of cells and prepare cells for activity. In other words, these two can help your mind, while the side effects of these two have not been proven to date.

5. Get used to problem solving

We all have trouble in our lives. This sentence is very beautiful and relaxing on its own, but it is also very stupid, because living with problems like walking on a stone beach remains naked. When there is a problem, it must be a solution and a solution is born of your mind; a mind that has the power to solve problems, but we go through laziness and absurd philosophies - something like a high-level statement. If you want to have a better life, concentrate on solving problems, not living with problems.

6. Restore your dead

Perhaps you say what it's like to develop mental powers ?! Well, imagine you're waiting in the waiting room or by sorting out the room's equipment. Is your mind silent? That is, just think of opening an individual room that you are waiting for, or just arranging your clothes in your mind? No doubt it's not. You are thinking and unfortunately often browsing other people's words; this means wasting time! While listening to a language bar or audio book, you could move your brain in the right direction. You spend at least 200 hours per car per year. Do not you think you can have at least a few music albums, audio books, and more in this 200 hours?

Learn the language

Various studies have shown that learning a new language can increase the life span of mental activity; it can change the look of the eye, and this can be a great practice for sleeping for many of us.

8. Snake Marie

SniffThe smell of rosemary plants can be focused, and this is what many people, plus research, have endorsed. Try! Rosemary is found on the kitchen spit shelves of many homes.

Charge your brain

9. Practice Knowledge

The word and the opposite of focusing are puzzling. When you lose your concentration, you are sometimes unable to do very ordinary tasks; for example, you're having trouble getting up for a car park for a day, and doing anything you can not do a simple park. Why? Because your mind is confused and can not have the correct analysis.

You have to learn how to stop your busy mind constantly on all sides. Find the issue that caused this disorder. Sometimes the reason for this mental disturbance is pretty trivial. You were looking for a phone number in your mind, or were your mind busy when your check passed? Or have your rights been deposited? These small disturbances sometimes cause great disaster, because it takes you to the right view of your brain, that is, your precious gray box and darkens it.

10. Make serious writing

Writing for many reasons is good for your mental activity. By writing, you can tell what's important, what you need to do, what you can give away to the future, and sometimes give your feelings a reality. Having a daily workbook is very important. It does not matter if you are writing a book and a math book, write a poem, write down the schedule of yours, write a story or quote. Writing in every branch can grow your mind.

11. Listen to Mozart

A study from the University of California has found that children who are learning piano or, at any rate, have a different mechanism; they are better off solving puzzles than other children who are not related to music at all, and when the test is taken, the children of the group Music was 80 percent higher than other children who were not related to music in general.

In another study, 36 students were subjected to three phases of testing, and one of the Mozart Sonatas was tested before the first test. Before the second test, there was no calm music and no music was played before the third test. The result was interesting. The average scores of people in the first test: 119, the second: 111, and the third: 110, that is, listening to Mozart's music had something about 9 scores on the kids.

12. Reinforce your six

Having a sixth sense is one of the most important mental powers. Many great people saw their success in trusted this feeling. People like Einstein who believe in this power. Just do not feel like this. If you think your mind is pointing you to something, take it seriously.

13. Know allergy symptoms

Be careful about your surroundings and know the food that's causing you trouble. Digestive diseases can have a great impact on your brain activity, and the disruption to the brain, the person who is constantly confused and drowsy and can not function properly.

14. Do not underestimate the power of sleep

The average length of sleep time is 7 hours, but what is more important than the amount of sleep time is the quality of sleep. Sometimes you sleep 10 hours, but you're tired and bored, and sometimes just 3 hours, but you do not feel sleepy, not tired! If you are not comfortable with sleep, be sure to try to solve the problem, because bad sleep equals grafting the brain engine.

Another important point that many researchers point out is short nightlife! A nasty snap can charge your brain for the day. It's best to put your head on the table a little bit from the eyes of your colleagues and ...

15. Test the effect of caffeine on yourself

About caffeine and its effects on powerMindSo many studies have been done. These studies have distinguished between the two groups, the caffeine group that causes them to be more alert, and the caffeine-causing group is numb and headache.

You can use caffeine according to your own characteristics, but many researches agree at this point that caffeine is ineffective in the short term and in the long run is inappropriate for mental activity.

16. Reduce sugar consumption

Carbohydrates can disturb your mental activity to a place where they have a depressant effect on sugar; for example, insulin studies have shown that when insulin enters the vein, it causes the veins to contract and lack adequate blood supply. Add these things to yours and its negative effects: pasta, white bread, potato chips!

17. Learn the recipe

Contrary to many beliefs, most of our mental submissions are the ones that are read in less time. Trying to shorten the learning time-in some sort of jerk-and slow-increase-speeds up the mind.

18. Have a look

Studies have shown that after 10 minutes of aerobic exercise, mental activity is faster. If you feel tired of your mind, get up and walk for only 10 minutes or at least get in.

19. Talk to your friend

Be sure to read the words "lovely friend" by reading the two words "Loving You" because you remember your childhood and your darling friends.

After reading this memo, it's interesting to know that speaking and solving the imaginary friend can be a good way to transfer information from the subconscious mind to the conscious. To achieve this, if you have left this habit for many years, put yourself in a conversation with someone who is very clever and well-understood.

Ask him questions and listen to his solutions! Do not be surprised; your brain is responding to you!

20. Imagine

When you areLearningTake notes and leave a note of "Why?" After the program has ended, and try to answer them; reject them or make them understandable. By doing this, it's primarily a matter of fixing your mind and, secondly, increasing your analytic power.

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