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Behaviors that reduce sexuality?

What behaviors reduce couples sexuality

The head of the Shahed University Family Health Clinic is instructed that "all women have an invincible myth from their husbands, which include loyalty and absolute adherence to common life." When this myth breaks, everything collapses suddenly. "

Dr. Mohammad Hussein Akhavan Taghavi said: "The first and most important principle in marital life is the commitment and adherence to the wife and the attachment to marital relationships within the family context. All women have an invincible myth from their husbands and their husband is a loyal man. And they adhere to life, but when relationships are drawn out of the family context, this myth breaks down, and even if a man forever discourages such relationships, the woman's trust in her will never be the same as the past, and the rude man faces hatred and anger. And the other heat of the past relationship is not felt. "

She likened sex outside of the family as a suspended life sentence and said that when this happens, the man may not have any previous feelings about his wife and will constantly compare his mind and may no longer enjoy It does not feel relaxed with your spouse. Therefore, the most important factor that reduces the sexuality of couples towards one another is the non-commitment and commitment that makes marriage more cold. "

Dr. Akhavan Taqoodi emphasized: "This debate is true in the virtual world, and viewing the satellite and pornographic images is used to provoke it, and it affects the reduction of self-esteem, and sometimes some of the couples by comparing these films are compared. And to imitate these films do unusual and painful things that cause distraction and avoidance. "

"As mentioned in the previous interviews, marital life is divided into two parts inside the bed and outside of the bed, and both parts are effective in the heat of marital relations," said the head of the Shahed University Family Health Clinic.

Couples who are constantly in conflict, conflict or physical conflict will certainly not have a good relationship with each other. On the other hand, couples who dream of sleep as a tool for power of attitude, malice and a way to score are causing cold feelings on the other side.

"Another important thing that affects the coldness of marital relationships is neglect to play a role in femininity," he said. "We have different roles in our social life and we are working to make them right. Women and men marry a new role in the role of a wife But sometimes we are reminded that we have to spend time and energy to complete this role. We only consider the house as a place for rest and watching television and we pay less attention to our spouse. Paying attention to the role of a wife, especially with the birth of a child The couples are getting more intense and the couples focus their attention on the children.

Dr. Akhavan Taqavi added: "Some of the common problems in life often affect the coldness of marriage. For example, excessive fatigue due to long work and working conditions, a stressful work environment, or an inappropriate lifestyle and lack of mobility. Affects the relationships of couples too. Problems such as financial, job, or educational problems also affect consciously or unconsciously about husband and wife relationships. "

"Some concerns and fears such as fear of becoming pregnant or fear of being seen by children can also have a negative effect on marital relationships," he continued. Also, smoking in the long term can lead to impotence, or obesity can reduce sexual desire and sexual dysfunction. "

"The other important point to note is that some couples fill all their leisure time, and this is a mistake," said the head of the Shahed University Family Health Clinic. We have instructions for single people who are mistreating, and they fill all the leisure time with studying and healthy recreation and social and social activities, but this is the reciprocal of couples. They do not have the right to spend their full-time vacations and sports and shopping and to spend their time, but they have to spend time together and relaxing together.

Another important point is the disregard for apparent appearances and appetite. Paying attention to the appearance and personal health and well-being can be another reason for the coldness of marital relationships. ยป

"Other points that affect marital affairs and cause cold relationships between husbands and husbands are the stereotyping of relationships, which means that after a couple of years of marriage, couples do not know what to do new things to spouse motives," he continued. It should be said that as couples plan for their children's work and life and future, they must have new designs and programs for their marital relationships. For example, to increase their kindness and use new ways to express it for warmth. It is very important to marital relations.

It is also necessary for couples to marry their marital relationships, such as all the daily routines of life within the weekly program, and to interact with each other. Otherwise, they fill the various occupations of life and fill it with sexual intercourse. Gone is removed from marriage.

Source: salamatnews.com