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Reading lessons for examiners

Entrance Exam

I start with the question of whether the reading lessons for an exam with a lesson are different for the exam at the end of the year?

The answer should be told when it comes to the resultsExamAt the end of the year, we look at the course and the results of the exam at the same time. Sometimes there are many differences. For example, a person may have taken a high score in the exam, but he did not get a good rating in the exam, unlike the idea. On the contrary, it is possible.

When we are for the end of the yearLessonWe do not compete with others; our score in any way is not related to the score of others, but in the competitive exam or junior, there is a race in which the smallest change in our answer can be a whole little impact (due to the large number of people involved) But this change can be decisive for us.

The most important point is that the questions at the end of the course are descriptive, each question is given in a specific place, and some reference to the subject can give us some of the score. However, in the quadrant question, there may be little information about the subject of the question. But until the exact answer is not known, this does not help us, it may even end up at the expense of us because the little information from the subject usually confuses us, and it is high to be able to mark the answer incorrectly and even get a negative score. .

So before starting forStudyThere should be a program for the type of study. There may be a difference in the number of people in the reading room, but there is a general rule that it is a program that we consider to be applicable, and more importantly, We do not do anything besides the program at the time we are scheduled, that is, at the time we spend reading, and it's very easy to tell anyone who wants to, let's say this clock is for study. It's hard to get started, but we have to accept it so we can not enjoy it. We can not succeed well in that work, especially in something like the success of its high level.

We must first take a decisive decision. Then choose and run a method for each lesson. Using the experience and guidance of others can be of great help to us, because if we want to experience ourselves, we may lose one year of our life. . A variety of lessons and that every lesson has its own reading method (for exam) can take a lot of time for us.

Entrance Exam

Below are suggested methods for biology lessons

Before we get the lesson or subject fully understood, we should not go into the four-choice question of that subject, although some people use it, but at least in biology, it's not the right method, any question has a point, especially the emphasis on questions. The exam has been in years since these design questions are very similar to the questions we are supposed to answer and can be the best practice for us. When we look at the answer before reading the subject of the question, then the question of the value of practice for us does not have.

Brief paragraph before starting to read forEntrance ExamIt's like studying for a year-end exam and answering anatomical questions. Our goal is just to understand the story.

The first method:(For students who have completed pre-university studies or read this year)

Reading a newspaper - In this way, we read the book in general like reading a newspaper. When we read a story in the newspaper, we generally understand the subject, and usually if we are asked about the details, we should look again at the text so that we can answer Let's start reading this method has several advantages, including the fact that in the books of the new year, usually, the content becomes less or so much we get to know - the stuff that we read and forgotten is remembered - and finally you see a general We find books.

Attention to details - this time we review the content more carefully.

This time we read in a way so that we can answer the explanatory questions.

If necessary we would repeat the course.

It should be remembered that one of the coursesLivingThe test is held in this form.

The second method:(For students who start preparing for an exam in the second year)

In this method, the student answers four questions about the subject after reading the course of each chapter during the course of the year.

Third method:(For students with non-experimental diplomas but willing to participate in experimental examinations)

- The students read the second to the second year of the university and then go to the exam. That is, they complete the first method more precisely. The courses at this site can be of great help to the students.

(People reading itSucceededTrend to enjoy reading, so studying is not a competitor to entertain, but put it on our list of fun)

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