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How to keep our skin young?

Having a happy and good relationship is not hard work! The better news for happy couples is if you have not been married in a good relationship, you can save it or even make it better by creating a few new behaviors and small changes in your relationship. . While many experts say that you need to focus on fixing the bugs, my research has proven that adding positive behaviors to the relationship has a much greater effect on couples' satisfaction. Below are 10 ways to deepen your relationship for more pleasure and satisfaction.

1. Accept the particularity of your opponent.

We are all in momentsWish youWe would say that our opponent was slimmer, more affluent, more romantic or something else. Take a look at your expectations and see how realistic they are.

2. Be kind to everybody.

Extremely small actions and behaviors that show "I Think You" are needed to maintain a relationship. For example, if a man takes his wife's car and gasps it, then the woman will make a good cup of tea for her husband and take her by the side of her bed, grabbing hands, romantic emails in the middle of the day, and all the very simple ways to express love. are. Research shows that the accumulation of small, repeated behaviors has a greater impact on the happiness of couples' relationships than on great behaviors from time to time.

3. Assign 10 minutes per day to communicate.

Most couples think they are always in touch, but how much time do you spend on deepening your experience on the other side? The happy couples in my research often talk to each other, but not about their relationship, about their own issues, and they thought that they had good knowledge of the opposite in four areas:FriendsStressful stimuli, wishes and dreams, and values. Appoint 10 minutes a day to talk to your spouse about anything but work, family, home issues or your relationship. This small change gives you a new spirit and life to your relationship.

4. Get in love every week.

Sudden appointments are great, but the reality is that we are so busy with work and life that we usually give a little bit of love to our love. Keep your love and your relationship healthy all day with a weekly appointment for dinner, going to cinema, art galleries, or anything else.
One point for men: Research shows that when women are away from home and away from children and household issues, women become more affectionate and more active, and their interest is much stronger. Find out what's happening by renting one night at a hotel and sending kids to one of your family members.

5. Change and grow together together and together.

Your love relationship is a living creature that needs food to grow and grow. The best way to feed it is to make a difference. Creating a change in relationship has shown that one of the most important elements in the happiness of couples. These changes can be small, but they should be so large that you will notice it.
Change your site together: if everManFor dinner at a restaurant, let me do it once. Or disconnect your apps: Take a cool job together, for example, in a gallery or museum that is close to you. Or try one thing new: go to different classes together.

6. Make friends and family better.

My research showed that men, especially men, are happier when their husbands have a good relationship with their family. Also, couples who accept friends and try to know them are happier than couples who have friends and have a separate family life.

7. Take care and support.

One of the three things couples need in order to succeed in their relationship is support (the other two are confidence-building and intimacy). The happy couples in my research have unanimously said that having a husband supporting them is one of the most important aspects of their relationship. Many times, men like material support and more women tend to support emotional support. See what your spouse needs, and then give it to him.

8. laugh

LaughIs a spiritual practice. In marriage, laughter acts as a drug for happiness. In order to avoid the unevenness of the relationship, you must be able to balance the logical aspects of your relationship with its recreational aspects. Yes, you need to do certain things for the regularity of your life and security, but never forget joking and fun. It's not bad to sometimes treat your child as a child, or look at a funny movie alongside.

9. Let's put it at higher power.

When it comes to disagreement, sometimes it's best to drop it and allow it to solve it. Instead of getting angry, try to pass through small things. Conflict and disagreement arise in any relationship. Remember that the difference is not the reason for the failure of the relationship, but the way you treat is that stress enters your relationship. You should see what matters and pay more attention to them and forget about the smaller issues.

10. Find a healthy way to get in touch.

All couplesLuckyIn my research, they said that having strong communication skills was one of the factors that helped them stay together. This means not only ask your spouse what you need, but also share your own needs with him. This means checking regularly what stress factors have entered your spouse's life to help them resolve. Do not argue with wars and fights, so arguing that your respect is not compromised and the furniture of your home will stay healthy!

Source: mardoman.net

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