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Want to buy hair color? Note these points

You want to buy hair color to pay attention to these points

On the basis of coloring or coloring the hair, women can be divided into 3 categories; the first group is those who do not color the hair at home, and believe that they have to leave the carpet and always to paint and other cosmetic services only to experienced barber They come to ...

The second group is those who are interested in coloring their hair, but because they do not have enough science, every time they go to the cosmetics store, they will paint their favorite color from the catalog, but never the color they get is not similar to the color of the catalog. . But the third group is the ones who have enough information about the colors and may have seen hairdressing, and they can easily get home at the desired color.

If you want to be part of this recent group, you need to know more about the colors and principles of choosing and working with them.

The color of the hair is divided into two categories of temporary and oxidation. Temporary paints do not need oxidizers, and their colored beads are easily inserted into the cuticle and placed under the rings because of their small size. In this case, since the chemical reaction does not occur, with a single load of shampoo, the paint is removed from the hair. These types of colors are available in the form of spray on the market.

Oxidation colors are divided into 2 groups of permanent and semi-permanent. Semi-colored colors are gel and last 12 to 15 times shampoos. But permanent paints are worms or dough, and they enter the hair structure with some chemical reactions, and their artificial grains mix with the natural pigments of the hair and create larger pigments that remain in the hair permanently. These colors are among the most widely used colors around the world.

What hair colors are high quality?

A high quality hair color should have six attributes: transparency and luminosity, full coverage, more stability properties, skin compatibility, natural color and softness in hair. In contrast, poorly colored hair usually causes hair turbidity; it dries and does not cover the whole surface of the hair.

What color will you get more?

Individuals are divided into two groups of warm and cold in terms of skin color and appearance. The color of the selected hair should be inert to the skin to make it neutral and make the face more attractive. In general, lean people are classified as cold and obese individuals as a hot category. Those with dark skin are among the cold and people with bright, white and red skin are among the hottest. For those who are cold, the colors are blue, coppery, chalubian, golden, hazelnut, almonds and bricks, and is recommended for those who are hot, gray blonde, olive, oysters, oysters, brown mattes or smoked blonde.

Do not forget about variance!

Variations The main colors with high concentrations are special and strong and should therefore be consumed at very low levels. The variations are available in red, olive, blue, golden, gray and purple colors, and each one has to be added to some colors to reduce redness or yellowing of the hair color. For example, violet variation for combination with A and C series colors, or gray variations for a series of cold colors. The blue variation is further matched to the N series and gives the matte color. The red variation should not be combined with the A, C, and M series. The golden variation can be combined with all the series, and the green variation is suitable for the colors A, C and M.

Buy oxides

After you have made the color of the favorite variation, you need to buy oxides too. For normal oxidation number one and for oxidation # 2. Mix the color and variance thoroughly, then add the oxidants and then paint your hair after mixing completely.

Source: salamat.ir