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Two stories and a tribute

An unknown young man loved the kingdom's daughter. The suffering of this love made him poor and did not find a way to reach the beloved. A clever man from the king's witch, who saw his affection and found his young and simple young man, said to him that the king is a knowledgeable man, if he feels that you are a servant of God's servants, he will come to you.

The young man was busy in the hope of reaching the beloved, worshiping and praying, so that he was slightly fascinated with worship and the works of sincerity were manifested in him. One day the king's passage fell on his place, he asked for his condition and knew that a young man was a servant of sincerity from the servants of God. At the same time, he asked him to come and sue his daughter.

Young has an opportunity to think and standDexaHe gave him a respite. When the king went away from that place, the young man gathered his belongings and went to an unknown location.

The king was surprised at the young man's behavior and asked the young man to know why this decision was made. After a long time he searched for him. He said: "You were so restless in the pursuit of the king's daughter, why did you escape when the king came to you and asked you to marry his daughter?" The young man said: If the false bondage that came to my beloved came to my house in the kingdom, why not give up the true servant to see the king of the world in my house?

We have heard the testimonies of servants of love repeatedly and repeatedly, and one of these stories is the story of the mosque of Goharshad; along with the mosque of Samen al-Aimeh, there is a mosque built by the wife of Shahrokh Mirza, the wife of the holy shrine, during the construction of the mosque, Lady Gohar, cheerfully, repeatedly rebuked the work and gave the necessary instructions to the architects and professors. One of these days, a little wind broke, as the corner of the tent of a happy gem fell off and the eyes of one of the workers He fell in his face and became hard-tempered, but when he did not go to the place, he fell into the bed of his severity and made him nursing. She fell in love with her boyfriend, eventually, as doctors disappointed in her treatment, the simple mother, Dell, became happy with her gem and said that if my boyfriend was to seek a solution, he would be lost. The cheerful jealousy got upset and drowned in thought. Then he said: "Come on, go to my house and say hello to my son, and say I am ready to marry him, but he has two conditions: one, that I should be separated from Shahrokh Mirza and The second condition that he should pray for the night at the altar below the dome of the mosque and give me his rewards as a dowry, the mother went home and told the current story to his son, the boy heard this news from the bed of suffering and with He said forty days that he would not accept anything, if I had been for forty years, in any case, the young man went to the altar and began to pray at prayer, The days of the young rumbling passed. The young man saw beautiful beauties in prayer, which made him indulge in his work. It became a place where at the very forty at dawn such a love of a true divine intrigue in his heart that he would no longer be an amusing jewel. At the end of the forty days, the good-looking lady sent his delegate to see if the young man had proven himself or herself, the representative of the Lady at dawn came to the altar and saw the young who was busy with worship, waited a lot for the young to love his worship He finished, he went to the young man, and told him, "I am the representative of the Lady, and I have come to the conclusion that it is closed." You were sure that he was still persistent in his desire for self-esteem, while the young man who passed through these forty times had changed his mind from BEnvyThank you for yourself and tell him I've lost my beloved in these days and found my real, ask him to forgive me and forgive me.

The word of the two is the same: the servility of love is a tangled one that makes the heart wake up to worship God with a pure heart; then, prayer and fasting are performed with a scroll that tracks the creature of existence and conveys the supreme and absolute divine love Makes hiding in the heart.

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