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The mass of the ear is inconsequential

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The mass of the ear is inconsequential

Those who try to constantly clean their ears may cause problems for their ears, since the ear canal skin and the eardrum are one of the finest skin points, so it is imperative that you follow this section. . From today, try to leave the habit of cleaning the ear and do not use ear eraser.

What are the recommended methods for cleaning the ear?

It is advisable for the patient to drip oily drops, such as "glycerin phenic," within the ear canal for several days. This drops softens the ears of the ear and makes it easy to remove.

Another common way to remove the mass is to rinse the ear canal with lukewarm water, which, of course, should not be used in patients with a diaphragmatic hole and diabetes.

Removal of ear mass with spatula and ear suction is an effective method that is performed by hearing and throat specialists. Suction is a device that has the same function as a vacuum cleaner and creates a suction. The amount of suction of the ear suction device is such that it does not cause any damage to the curtain. In this method, the ear head is inserted into the ears and the device clears the ear canal by pulling the mass of the ear.

Is there a way to prevent the accumulation of ear offense?

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the production of ocular mass and mass accumulation inside the ear canal. Just emphasize how to tune and tune your ears, as this can lead to squeezing the mass of the ear and accumulating it within the ear canal.

Does he get accustomed to scourge?

Wash or rubbing the ears does not make the ears get used to scarring. But the same reason that causes the mass to accumulate in the ear canal and bring the patient to the doctor will twice cause the patient to refer to the doctor because of the mass of the ear. However, this next referral is for different individuals, that is, someone may be One year later, you have to go to the doctor and another person may need to go back to the doctor after ten years.

Why does our ears produce mass?

The mass of the ear is referred to as "ear wax". Naturally, by the glands located in the ear canal skin. It has a protective, sedative, and anti-bacterial effect. Loss of ear mass can lead to dryness and itching of the ear. Naturally, the mass produced gradually and continuously moves from the outside of the eardrum, and moves through the jaw of the mass of the particles that are dried out from the ear canal.

The mass of the ear is produced in the outer half of the ear canal. Therefore, it is sometimes observed in the ear examination that the mass is near the eardrum. This means that the patient has tried to remove the mass of the ears with a clean ear. He pulls out the outer parts and squeezes the deeper parts, like the snow that has been squeezed.

Who are prone to mass accidents?

1. Those whose mass production is high in their ears.

2. People with narrowed canal or curvature of the ear canal are more than usual.

3. Those with a high ear canal.

4. People who are accustomed to clean or manipulate their ears.

When should you clean the ear?

The mass of the ear does not lead to hearing loss until it completely obstructs the canal and even the person does not realize that his ear is offensive, but when the channel obstruction is complete, the person will notice ear cuffs and hearing loss. This usually occurs when bathing or swimming. As the water enters the ear canal, the mass of the ear can be thickened. The mass of the ear, such as the wood, when exposed to moisture, is bloated and closes the channel more than before.

Patients should never clean their ears or remove them from the ear or any other device. Doctors would rather not until the earwax blocking the ear canal and hearing little patient is not complete, the patient will not remove earwax.

What are the signs of the mass of the ear?

The ears are ear and the feeling of being cypressed

A hearing loss that may be progressing.

The buzz of the ear

-Turning and leaving the discharge from the ear

Why do not you use an eraser to clean the ear mass?

The closure of the ear canal is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, and usually the cause of squeezing and rejection of the ear mass is the use of ear eraser. Ears, ear infections, and ear infections are one of the other side effects of ear eruption.