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Geography Ladies and Gentlemen (comic)

Geography of ladies and gentlemen satire

The geography of women

Women aged 18 to 21 are like Africa or Australia

Semi-discovered, wild, with natural charms of beauty

At the age of 21 to 30, they are like the United States or Japan:

Completely discovered, highly developed, ready for trading, especially cash or car dealerships.

At the age of 30-35, they are like India or Spain:

Very hot, relaxed and calm, and aware of their beauty.

Between the ages of 35 and 40, such as France or Argentina:

That is, although they may have been half destroyed in the course of the war, they still have plenty of places to watch.

At the age of 40-50, they are like Yugoslavia or Iraq:

Have lost the war. Still suffering from previous mistakes. And they need complete reconstruction.

Between 50 and 60, like Russia or Canada:

Extremely spacious, calm and borderless without borders, but a great deal of coldness rests on them.

At the age of 60-70, they are like England or Mongolia:

With a brilliant past without a future.

After 70 years of age, they are like Albania or Afghanistan:

Everyone knows where they are, but nobody thinks about them.

Geography of gentlemen

From 18 to 50 years, like Iran:

Help and Solve the problems of the world but remain in their work.

After 50 years, they are like Saudi Arabia:

Everyone respects them for the sake of wealth and wealth only