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Of how the Iranians extinction!

How the Persians are Extinct

After successful implementation of the gender segregation scheme across private and public places of the country;

To study the process of development of a child (boy) from kindergarten to aging:

We consider the child's name as Javad, along with his classmate, Reza

Back from kindergarten.

1)On the way back from kindergarten:

Laza Lazra (same Reza) I'm Mommy Landing (Treasure) Gold!

Reza: What's the Mom?!

2)Three years later, on the way to the school's in-service school

The driver to the kids inside the service:

We all have close eyes, we go straight to a girls' school!

Jawad: Reza Reza, what's the girl

3)5 Years After 3 Years; Recreation; Middle School

Reza: Jawad I saw something in the courtyard of my neighbor last night from behind the boom. !!

Jawad: what?

Reza: girl! Girl ! I finally saw

Jawad: Are you your mother ?! Tell Yaah what they are!

4)4 years after the previous! Sarkocha Javad Inna

Reza: Javad Chikar, you said, Come on soon

Jawad: Reza Disheb, one of my friends rang.

His voice was very weird.

She was talking steadily and saying she was a girl and asked me if she was my son?

Reza: What did you say?

Javad: I said yes, my son and then the girl fainted!

5)6 years later; University

Jawad: Reza is right behind this wall full of girl?

Reza: Yeah, I've heard. They are laughing! Are they laughing too?

6)A few years later, nightlife

Javad: Excuse me now you are really a girl?

7)A few months later, married night

Javad: Well, what should we do now ?!

Ms.: Nothing else, we're tired of sleeping. You also sleep in your room!

8)A lot of years later, old age

Jawad: God damn me, I came to sleep saying you do not want to give birth to a kid?

Lady: Where do we go from here. My dowry is not a kid, why do not you buy a second?

9)A lot of years later

Iranian generation extinct