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Benefits of Vegetable Distillates

عرقیات گیاهی,فواید عرقیات گیاهی

Benefits of herbal distillates such as orange spring, cacti, cumin, fennel, etc. However, today, despite the lack of chemical drugs, somebody goes to bed, but perhaps we may reconsider some of their properties for reuse:

Learn more about the properties of some distillates:

Constipation is used by many people in the distant past. Kakotti sweat:

Antispasmodic, Antispasmodic for digestive disorders, Anti-diarrhea, Stomach acid, Foaming.

▪ Spring Nunchch:

Aromatic, Nervous and Heart-suppressant, Relaxing, Anti-Inflammation.

▪ Cumin:

Anti-obesity, fat, dyspnea, windbreaker, digestion, breastfeeding mothers.

▪ Nestaran:

Strengthening of the heart and nerves, cooling off, intestinal worm, stomach pain, kidney stones and diarrhea.

▪ Zinan sweat:

Anti-nausea, Dyspepsia, Anti-nausea, Foaming, Diuretic, Anti-creasm, Antispasmodic, Gastric picking.

▪ Sweat mix of cumin:

Stomatologist, Stomach Fluid, Stomach Fluid, Diabetes Treatment, Appetizer, Liposuction.

▪ Sweetness:

The taste and taste of sweetener are better than powder and extract.

▪ Sweat Tumbler:

Toning, Headache, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Disorders of the digestive system and pain, Cardiac arrest, Fever.

▪ Celery:

Abdominal pain, shortness of breath, stomach uplift.

▪ Lavender sweat:

Aromatic, tonic, tranquilizer, mild sleep deprivation, bloating and diarrhea, cough reducing, diarrhea.

▪ Fennel sweat:

Dystrophic, Musculoskeletal anti-spasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Cardiomyostomy, Stomach-acid Supplements, Dosage Remedies.


Food digestion, impulse control, analgesic Mood habit.

▪ Shatter:

Cold, tonic, skin enhancer, sedative, anticoagulant, appetizer, bile to some royal glands with apithelium transplant.

▪ Syrup:

The thirst and heat dissipation, with the properties of apple vinegar.

▪ Fenugreek sweat:

Fortifier, Anemia, Antidiabetic, Blood glucose lowering.


It is a body fat, flavoring, aromatic, digestive, digestive, stomach acid, milk enhancer, dyspepsia treatment especially for children, vomiting, housing, diuretic, lipid lowering.

▪ Lemon:

Rich in vitamin C, anti-scurvy, disinfectant.

▪ Rosewood:

Nerve and heart tone, skin, Nikoy Rhysa.

▪ Busty:

Heart and stomach boost, sedative and hemorrhoid sedation, anti-headache and muscle aches.

Strawberry syrup:

Rich in vitamin C, contains calcium and vitamin A.

▪ Mint:

Wind breaker, hemorrhoid treatment, abdominal screw, diarrhea and stomach vomiting.

▪ Chicory:

Cold, stomach, fever, liver and kidney disease.

▪ Sweaty End:

Mucosal relaxation and pulmonary disease, Breast cough and throat, Cutaneous irritation.

▪ Sweat of four plants:

Anti-flatulence, Dyspepsia, Windbreak, Anti-Dandruff, Stomach Flow, Removal of Normal Diarrhea.

▪ Willow:

Decisive but slow effect on persistent fever, sleepy, relaxing, rheumatism, anti-rabies.

Walnut leaf:

Treatment for joint pain, anti-diabetes (sugar).


Bile, Buddhist, Windbreaker, Appetizer, Regulatory.

▪ Pune:

Anti-colds, coughs, infections.

▪ Stinging:

It has a cold nature, strong diuretic, blood and liver purification, kidney stones, bladder and black cough.

▪ Coriander sweat:

Flavoring, Antispasmodic, Counterfeit, Windbreaker.

▪ Black Cumin:

Scented, Flavourant, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Spasm, Antimicrobial, Astringent, Disassembling Baby Flapper.

▪ Bo Mothers:

Abdominal pain, hemorrhoids, an infection, colds.

▪ Nettle:

Anti-hyperglycemia, treatment for high blood pressure, liver, lipids and cholesterol.

▪ Ginger Cinnamon sweat:

Aromatic, flavoring, stimulant, spray, nourishing, anti-nausea and spasm.

▪ Cow Language:

Tonic, facial cleansing, nerves and psoriasis. Shortness of breath, sweating, kidney and bladder.

▪ Sore:

Treatment of gout, diarrhea, pimples, dyspnea, bone softness.

Leaf Sycamore:

Very cold, fever, cure shortness of breath, obesity, nerves and trembling.

Four hot sweats:

Reinforcing, helpful for mesrudin, digestion of food, stomach and abdominal discomfort.

▪ Tarmo:

Relaxation, Nervous system, Joint pain, Sleepiness

Source: Salamatnews.com