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Know the traps of obesity

If you are going to slip, close your eyes and remember how many times your day has become obese. Of course, you will find a lot. For example, imagine that you have met your diet all day long, but suddenly your friends are advised to go to a restaurant or buffet for dinner, or after doing a decent exercise, go to one of those parties that are full of Of delicious and, of course, "dangerous" desserts, well, all of these seemingly small ones can make you fat.

"In this difficult situation, you can not trust the power of your will!" Said James Hill, director of the Health Center at the University of Colorado. Unfortunately, the will of man is not always strong and has a limit, and this is particularly evident in eating. "So accept the fact that you may eventually lose your place, so you should seek to find a solution. Here are five major issues that cause the vast majority of people to be obese and how to deal with them. You'll definitely want to step in the slippery way by following these tips.

Travel trip but ...

go on vacation

Usually when you travel on vacation, you like to relax and enjoy the specialties of the area. At the same time, your heart does not want to be overweight when you return.

"If you're on a trip, try to eat different foods, but do not share them with others," says nutritionist Frances Largesman Roth. For example, if you've gone to Paris, be sure to shop around and buy some famous bakeries, but share the delicious food you have bought with your friends. You do not need to eat whole buns to get the famous French bread. "

Never go hungry to party. Be sure to eat a light vegetarian diet, like a few slices of turkey meat, salami or half a cup of low-fat cheese before going.

Losers become fat

After emotional defeats

Usually after emotional failures, you want to forget about your grief and discomfort by eating, for example, a large ice cream container. So, you're overwhelmed and sometimes you eat and eat with no will. Larjamin Roth suggests hanging out or exercising instead of going out with your friends to eat or drinking and talking about your problems. You can also register in a sports class to help with problems. Think less and get along with new people. If you want to lock your house, lock it in the fridge and do not eat food near the place where you are watching TV. "

Do not go to the wedding

Party with delicious food

Imagine going to the party and all the food is very tasty and of course free! All of these foods are in front of you and nobody will stop you from eating. Dr Melina Jumpwys, a dietitian and fitness expert, recommends: "Never go hungry to a party. Be sure to eat a protein snack before you go, like a few slices of turkey meat, salami or half a cup of low-fat cheese to eat at a party feverish. You can eat salad before you start eating a large amount of your stomach. "

● Do not touch the front of the TV

When watching TV

You'll also love to lunch in front of the TV, and while watching it, eat snacks and snacks that are very fat. "Try to limit the amount of these foods, as far as possible, for example," says Dr. Larjamin Roth. "For example, you can put them in a small dish or you can have a light snack with frozen grapes or other fruits and sauce, Make good use of it and keep your hands in order to eat whatever you like whenever you like. "

Usually after emotional failures you want to forget about your grief and discomfort. So you go to overeat and sometimes eat it without the will. Larjamin Roth suggests hanging out or exercising instead of going out with your friends to eat or drink and talk about your problems.

● Sit back to eat

Restaurants with a variety of cuisine

Buffets offer a variety of unlimited dishes, most of them calories. It's very difficult to eat in restaurants where the amount of food per serving is high.

Hill recommends: "The easiest way is not to go to a restaurant or buffet at all!" But if you have to do that, take a seat to go back to the food. According to Juppolis, studies conducted in this area show that those who use this method tend to eat less. Meanwhile, try growing yourself with salads, vegetables, fruits and low-fat protein foods so that you do not have the place to eat high-quality foods. After eating, desserts are recommended for everyone to take just one dessert. In this case, you can share the dessert, so you can try all the desserts without having to eat too much. In restaurants where the amount of each snack is high, the best way is to order from the beginning to bring just half of your food to the table and put the other half in the food box for it to go when it's going to Take your home with you.
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