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Have you ever been careful about the health benefits of swimming?

Benefits of swimming

Swimming sports is one of the most popular sports among different people. A person who swims not only feels comfortable and joyous in this way, but also increases his ability to swim his physical abilities such as endurance of circulation and respiratory system, strength, speed, and flexibility of shoulder and ankle joints. Exercise is a sport that can be done from the infancy to the old age, and in general it is a sport that reduces excitement and anxiety, strengthens the muscles and makes the body soft and flexible and makes the person Get more energy to do your daily tasks.

Physiological changes caused by endurance exercises in the body

Endurance training means continuous swimming at long distances, such as 400 m, 600 m, 800 m, 1400 m, or even more distances. One of the advantages of this type of exercise is to increase the body's need for an oxygen transfer device, which results in the following changes in the body:

Increased cardiac output, decreased heart rate, increased blood quality in terms of transporting more stored oxygen, more glycogen in liver and muscle and increasing the number of mitochondria in muscle.

The muscles used in swimming

Below are the names of some of the main muscles that are used to kick off a swimmer in their swimmers:

1. Low-handed muscle-wielding hands: large dorsal muscle, large muscle mass, large round muscle and crippled muscle, three soldiers. These muscles enhance the tension of the hand in the water.

2. Inner hand muscles: Large muscle chest, back muscle, large round muscle and muscle under the scapula of these muscles turn the upper part of the hand to the inside. The strength of these muscles is important in keeping the upper elbow in the first stage of the hand tension in all four cycles.

Swimming speed training and its physiological changes

Exercises with maximum speed and short distance activities are speed training, for example, 10 times and 25 meters or 50 meters maximum at maximum speed.

These exercises increase the strength of muscle contraction (in order to increase coordination between the nervous and muscular system) and also increase the strength and amount of ATP-PC (adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate) in the muscle, which results in the swimmer's power for Speeding up exercises.

Safety and health of swimmers

Summer trips to the northern cities of the country and other beautiful and lush areas are often accompanied by swimming in the sea and rivers. Some people also choose swimming pools for recreation and leisure time. It is, however, mostly considered safety and hygiene when swimming as two main points in most cases. It's not bad to know that swimming in the sea creates dangers and problems every year for the passengers of the sea. Risk of extinction in seawater is not limited to those who are less familiar with swimming techniques and may be attenuated by any caution. There is also a lot of chemical and biological contamination in the swimming pool, which may have caused a lot of health problems for users with some neglect of operators and swimmers. Environmental factors, fungus and algae, chemical gases formed in water, water temperature and pool environment, evacuation times, initial water quality, pH and free water chlorine are all factors affecting the health of the pool.

Swimming benefits

What sports swim around the world is a wide range of people who are interested in exercise and physical mobility. Some people are interested in sports, but when they are reminded of muscular tension from exercise, they refuse to do so and Basically, they are not interested in a movement with high transpiration and muscular tenderness. What's recommended to these people is "exercise in water" because they can achieve joy and joy due to physical mobility, away from excessive transpiration.

Exercise in water can be recommended to athletes and those with a high level of physical fitness. Also, for those in the off-season season, they will keep their readiness at the optimal level or they want to do special exercises to increase their strength and muscular endurance depending on the sport they are engaged in.

Swimming can be advised to those who, after a relative improvement in physical injury, may be deprived of other exercises for a long time, because they can progress the course of treatment faster and improve.

Pregnant women are among the people who are always looking for a mild and desirable sport to spend this time. Although many specialty exercises and sports of this era have been introduced by experts, but what is recommended to these people around the world is exercise in water and mild movements. Exercise in water, in addition to having joy and joy in the water, can lead to loss of weight due to high weight in this period, can improve the physical condition of these people. A good physical fitness, mother In supporting the growing fetal weight, it can bring a healthy and healthy delivery by strengthening the muscles of the waist and abdomen. Also, in postpartum period, muscle rebound will be very effective before the delivery.

Swimming is a great benefit for people overweight, because this sport has a beneficial effect due to its aerobic burning of excess calories that can lead to overweight. This exercise can have a major impact in reducing stress. The massage therapeutic effect of water restores relaxation and relaxation to humans. This exercise is recommended to all those who are interested in improving their physical and mental status, regardless of age, history of physical fitness, or illness. In this case, it is recommended that people with a major medical problem consult a physician and observe some recommendations regarding the absence of dangerous movements for each disease.

This exercise involves most of the upper part of the body. The muscles of the arms are more moved by swimming exercises than the larger muscles of the leg. Muscle strength and improvement of respiratory capacity, as well as an increase in the power of blood supply to the heart are other benefits that can be mentioned for swimming sports.

Benefits of swimming

Swimming hygiene

It is very clear that water is an excellent environment for the transmission and growth of pathogens that are pathogens such as typhoid fever, diarrhea, amoebic and basil, hepatitis, herpes, conjunctivitis and yellow ulcer, and so on.

Such microscopic creatures prefer hot and humid environments with adequate food.

The following infections may be present in the pool with poor care.

- Viral and fungal infections, such as a swollen leg itching, which is a fungal skin disease.

- Eye, ear, throat and nose

Infections of the upper respiratory tract

Intestinal infections

What swimming swimmers should pay attention to

- Wash your body with a suitable detergent before entering the pool.

- Place your foot in the clay pond before entering the pool.

- All those who go to the pool are advised to evacuate their bladder before entering the pool.

- Avoid spitting, watering, washing, and removing nasal discharge.

- When swimming, spoil your throat to the pool water. Preferably, do not swim when you are infected with inflammatory disease.

- If you have a skin disease such as fungal infections, do not refer to the general pool at all.

- After washing the pool, wash your body.

What pool owners should pay attention to

- The remaining chlorine of the pool is at least 1.5-5.5 milligrams of water in the water. Less than this amount may exclude factors such as cryptosporidium.

- Regularly clean the pool environment and drain and replace the water frequently enough.

- Control the pool water for the presence of generic bacteria and pseudomonas, and these can be indicators for measuring the effectiveness of disinfecting systems and water sanitation.

Safety of swimmers

Safety tips should be made available to the public in alarms by installing alerts and messages. Avoiding running in the pool environment, swimming in depth in accordance with ability, swimming and avoiding gambling and dangerous jokes can provide relative safety for individuals. Do not forget to use the tools you need to swim, such as glasses, hands and nappies.

Avoid swimming in deep areas if you have severe fatigue and tight muscle cramps.

Avoid swim in the sea when storm conditions are present.

The safety of swimming at sea and what the authorities should pay attention to

- By studying and exploring the geographic areas of the swimming pool to have at least a low, tall, and minimal water cavity.

- There are clinics alongside the beaches where there are places to swim so that if someone has a complication during the swim, he will be treated at the same place with the least facilities.

- Train families to use proper seafarers and frequently advise passengers on the provincial radio and television network.

- Identify tariffs for private spaces provided to sea voyages, and take seriously the safety of passengers in this regard.

The benefits of swimming sports

What a swimmer should know

1) Sun rays and face skin

Naturally, all of you have seen the peasants. The peasants who work hard to sink from morning till night do wheat, plant and harvest, harvest, crop, and even have unlimited sunlight. They have a healthy body and strong arms. Eat appetite, sleep well, and become less sick. But if you ask for their age, they will never be yours, how much less are they with a Chinese face and wrinkled face? A forty-year-old peasant in the face of wrinkles on his face and hands is hard to identify with a sixty-year-old city. Because their skin is directly affected by sunlight, it gradually loses its softness, its so-called "horn", and as a result, early signs of aging are evident.

The Italian doctor, on the effects of harmful sunlight on the face of the skin, has been studying carefully, and by studying the skin of the faces of different people, and with the help of statistics, it has been concluded that if sunlight is directly and continuously exposed to the skin, Instead of healing, it causes wrinkles and wrinkles, damaging the beauty of human beings.

Professor Schustranslucci also made a strange and unusual experiment in this matter, and has come up with an interesting result: he has shaved the hair of the body of four hundred white mice and exposed them to direct sunlight for several weeks. As a result, their skin will soon be wrinkled, and half of the mice have disappeared during this period.

British professor Schuster and Italian doctor Marshall after their numerous and prolonged experiments against tanning, declare warfare, and have been instrumental in premature aging of the skin.

2) Tanning

In the end, the goal of tanning is not only to provide the body's health. When the summer comes, some people, especially young people, crave, along with the changes they wear in their dress and tan, tan their skin, and bring it to the face of people and friends, and familiar and Alien prove they have been out on the beach or outdoors for some time! On this principle, they open their feet for some time at the beach or in the pool, they know their job is to make themselves seamless in the sun. Particularly when they have access to the sea or pools for only a day or several hours, they spend most of their time on the sea or on the beds next to the pool to return to the city with tanned skin. . Perhaps, if these people were aware of the effects of sunrays on the skin and the changes in it, they would reconsider their way and not play with it. I saw my feet and my head burnt over my head in the face of it, and the reason is not knowing the correct use of the effect of the sun's rays.

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