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Media and social harm of addiction

Media and social harm of addiction

Collective communication tools in the community have a very effective role in reducing social harm, including addiction, especially among young families and younger generations. Cultural and social media programs in reducing social harm of addiction can be considered as a reference model for individuals and families affected.

The community, through observing the consequences of the social harm of addiction, on individual and collective life in television, cinema, press, or in the form of articles and social stories, can be done to the affected people and their families. They are aware of this dilemma; therefore, communication tools are considered as a reference group in reducing the social harm of a drug addict; communication tools are a kind of social institution that, by producing various social and cultural messages, to establish social order, acceptance Patterns of lifestyles in society, reconciliation and social adjustment It brings jude; and encourages society to rebuild order; mass communication programs are effective in maintaining the social order of the culture of society and preventing the growth of crime; from this perspective, the various programs of these tools The subversion is the whole social system; it must move in order to adapt to the order governing the structures of the society; and interact with other social system apparatuses for the coherence and coordination of the interaction. These tools are very useful in the form of awareness campaigns and information to people, especially parents, adolescents and young people, to reduce addiction.

The leadership function of these devices is among the members of society, especially families and younger generation, who have been able to put individuals and families in order to reduce social damages in the form of cultural and social programs, the media by producing cultural programs , Social, psychological, counseling, religious, legal, etc., as a social model, can play a significant role in reducing addictions; some of these tasks have a synchronized effect on deviant individuals; by providing a solution Useful and positive social behaviors can play a role in reducing harm. These tools provide services for counseling and guidance to community members in order to reduce social deviations.

The leisure-time function of mass communication through the production of various serials and programs aimed at reducing addiction and other harm, in addition to being part of the leisure time of people in the community, has become part of the facts and consequences Revealing and hidden effects of the damage simultaneously; and raising awareness. The propaganda function of these devices is through informative messages with "cultural and social" content aimed at reducing addiction and other deviations.

Source: aftab.ir