Keep the sweaters

نگهداری از پاپوشها

Clear men's shoes

Men's shoes usually get dirty too soon, and do not worry if your spouse arrives home after a day's work with dirty shoes. First, wipe the shoes with napkins and, if necessary, with dirty wipes.

With the help of an old toothbrush, remove the dirt and dust from the sides of the shoe; add a little olive oil to the shoe and wax off the wool for an hour later.

▪ pSharpen linen shoes

Sneakers are too dirty; the best way is to use a carpet shampoo to wash these shoes. To do this, follow the carpet shampoo instructions.

Clear the shoes

Clean white and clear white shoes can be cleaned with toothpaste, apply toothpaste or eyelash on a cotton pad, and then rub off the shoes after cleaning the shoes with water.