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Painting art behind the glass

Necessary tools:

1. A glass container

2. Hair color

3. Oil color

4. Custom layout

هنر نقاشی پشت شیشه


1First, move your design onto the glass.

هنر نقاشی پشت شیشه

2Then you have to shake it with black in the back.

هنر نقاشی پشت شیشه

3Painting of the paintings should be full of color, each coloring step is done individually. For example, whenever you want to darken the colors of the staff, you should wait until the paint is completely dry after the colors are brightened. Continue and continue the tile until the staining is completely finished.

هنر نقاشی پشت شیشه

هنر نقاشی پشت شیشه

point:Care must be taken to ensure that every staining step is performed after the drying of the entire previous stage.

This is the pattern of this beautiful design, the hope you enjoyed.

هنر نقاشی پشت شیشه

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