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Tips on making dowry and decorating the bride's house!

چیدمان جهیزیه, دکوراسیون خانه عروس
Dowry and their arrangement are one of the constant concerns of the bride's family, and in recent years, unfortunately, due to the eyes and eyes of these concerns, has peaked.

Also, high rentals for mortgages or rentals have led to a smaller selection of brides and grooms.

All of these factors work together to add to the anxiety of the wedding ceremony for the new brides, the worry of a proper arrangement and the appearance of his dowry.

We are going to describe the short but functional techniques so that you may be slightly concerned about this and you will be proud of your spouse's family!

چیدمان جهیزیه, دکوراسیون خانه عروس

Of course, before each step, we have a friendly recommendation for the newly born brides and their respectable families, and that they do not build the living grounds based on the people's words and their opinions and live independently for them. As you like, not what others are. If you can manage your social behaviors and norms from the very beginning of life, you can say that you will live in peace. Of course, this does not mean disrespecting and breaking the sanctity of the elders, but you can respect them with respect , But live in your opinion.

We dwelt a bit from the domain of decoration. Now let's take a look at this category.

We said that today's houses are small and their area is negligible. Especially if it is a home, a new home for a bride and groom. Then the first point in knitting this problem is the right and clever purchase. That is, the furniture and the house are in accordance with the hall's atmosphere. Choose the area of ​​the house. If you only and only do the same thing, you can say that 80% of the problems have been eliminated.

But the key points in the layout;
1Use your furniture as a separator for your living room. It's a great idea to show your home space and its resolution. Of course, partitions and doors are not the right option for this!

چیدمان جهیزیه, دکوراسیون خانه عروس

2.Do not forget the pillars that sometimes exist in the middle of the hall. They can give a special effect to your home, provided they are decorated properly. You can use them as a round library.

3You can also use the correct corridors of your home. If you have too much space, you can use it as a dining room and a dining table. But if they have a low width, you can install shelves on the wall, from there to Use the title of showcase and display your decorative dishes.

چیدمان جهیزیه, دکوراسیون خانه عروس
4The color matching of the fabric on the sofas, curtains and the color of the walls will also play a significant role in the effects of your gadgets.

5Avoid picking up extra appliances, such as electrical appliances or anything else that places it wherever you are. This does not only increase the effect of your gadgets, but also show your home as small as possible and cause mental congestion. Visitors will be.

چیدمان جهیزیه, دکوراسیون خانه عروس

At the end, we hope that the start of your new life will be happy, and your wedding ceremony will be held as you like.

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