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Learn to change home decor for Eid 91

دكوراسيون خانه,دکوراسیون

Surely you are of uniform decor living room and dining tired and you like to have a holiday at home 91 large variety.If you can not afford to buy new appliances and gadgets, make the same old gadgets better. Change the location of the accessories in the living room. Consider a point as a center and place the sofas against it, for example, in front of the fireplace or half-circle around the TV.

If your reception or living room has a window, be sure to replace the curtains and prefer to use curtains with bright colors and a living part like green.Do not worry about the small size of the living room. Placing a mirror for a larger view looks great space. If you're an art artist, frame your favorite photos and wallpapers, which has a lot of effect on magnifying the room. But in selecting the frame for the photo or painting you want, consider the color and the effect of the color of the frame by painting the walls and curtains. If the color used in the interior is mild and faint, choose a colorful and warm colored veneer, conversely, use a lightweight, even neutral foam for busy artwork. Do not forget the color balance between frames and walls.To make the room more pleasant, put a small table in the space between the sofas and fill it with candlesticks, dry flowers or picture frames.Of course, consider the height of the table next to the sofas that is taller than the furniture or table set in the middle of the room, in which case it will disproportionate space. To buy a new cellphone, avoid choosing fabrics with busy designs and flowers and hot and hot colors, which not only does not make you relax when your nerves collapse.Notice the lighting of the room.Installing the ceiling lamp and placing the luminaire in accordance with the color of the furniture and walls will have an extraordinary effect on the magnificence and relaxation of the room. Try to be creative and stay away from the fact that you always keep the furniture around the room.