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Does horoscope affect your life?


These days, like the magic and the fooling, and so on, they have come a long way, there are so many people who come to the magicians and use their words in their lives, and these works come from the desire of the people to discover more. Indeed, throughout history, people have been seeking to discover; their own discovery, their life and their future. They like to find useful information about themselves, for example, wherever there are books or tests about self-knowledge and future life, they are curious and interested in seeing what they can find or if they are at a party with a psychic They are very interested in talking about themselves with him and knowing his opinion, and in extreme cases they also come to the magician and the likes of them to know about the future. But what is the disease in this case?

● Fear of events

Always behind the behavior of the individual there are beliefs that lead to the emergence of particular behavior. People want to get information about the future so that they can predict their own behaviors and events, and that is why they go to astrology, horoscope and more. If you can know the beliefs behind the behavior and know if that belief is true, you can judge behavior too. Whoever believes in it and thinks he can control everything that is happening and take things as he likes, and is afraid of unfortunate events, naturally goes on to try to predict the future.

● Do not drown in these errors

In cognitive psychology (cognitive therapy), we have a topic called cognitive errors that states that there are errors in the minds of people, and one of these errors is "prediction", that is, people will fall before them beforehand For no reason, they say something about future events. The examples of these errors are the same as judging others. You should not be drowned in these mistakes, using ways such as coffee and horoscope. . . It can also be examples of these errors.

● Roots of fears

One of the reasons people go to the prediction is that they want to try to make their future lives to their liking because they are worried and afraid of the future; these people should ask themselves what they are worried about so they can root. Find your fears. Obviously, when one is looking for horoscope and foretelling, it usually does not experience the true calm in its inner world, such people are nervous and they go to such relief for relief, but unfortunately, with these methods They do not calm down and they are even more damaged, but because those who are calm and accept life with all good and bad things, they are so capable of reacting to events as they occur at the right time and turning to the foreteller, the horoscope And ... do not go.

● Empty Spirituality

The people who spend all their affairs with horoscope and prophesy ... in their lives are empty, and they want to respond in a different way in this way. In fact, these people do not have the confidence they need to behave appropriately in different situations so that they can solve their problems and get rid of them or even get help from others. They do not have this confidence, and even at a wider perspective, they do not pay attention to living in life if they do their best, but in another place they do not lose their jobs and they must trust the divine power and Give him everything. Various researches have shown that spirituality can fluctuate in the lives of people.

● Educators are also funny?

There are many educated people who go to methods such as horoscope and prophecy, and so on. But why? Times for people Horoscope, foretelling, and things like this, only fun and fun. I have often been educated and book-bound creators who like to entertain books of astrology, horoscope, and horoscope. . . But when I advise and advise with the same people, I see that somewhere in the wilderness and his attitudes on that person and his decisions have been affected. Such people forget, they have the power of thought and thought and can decide by thinking, analyzing and measuring the conditions. That someone has the ability to think correctly does not necessarily lead to higher education. The kind of attitude of such people requires that they seek the fastest solutions for life events and instead of taking steps and making decisions, they are looking for someone to show them the right way and thus seek Simple ways of divination and prophecy and ... go.

● It is not scientific

If all of the books and psychological theories were to be read on through the palm of life, all the world would welcome this miracle, but think for yourself, why do not you blush your horoscope and horoscope? There are no scientific disciplines or there are no books or conferences or scientific seminars in this field? There is no scientific source in this area. When a person makes his life based on a series of unscientific statements, it is likely that there will be a lot of dangerous situations or failures.

● A woman and a husband who married Mahal!

I found a couple who, when they wanted to marry, decide that instead of going to scientific methods, they had come to the magician and the prophet to tell them if their life would be or not and from it Where the magician was looking for his own personal goodness, they would say that they would have a good life and had some suggestions, but the couple had found it hard and difficult after two years, and they could not solve their problems as much as they could. Solve. Instead of finding a consultant and specialist in the field before coming to the problem and at the same time marrying, the couple saw their differences better and made more informed decisions about marriage.

● Ladies are more fun

There is no exact statistics that ladies are more fun or gentlemen, but if we want to look at experiences, ladies are more likely than men to speculate and predict. . . But why? Women have more connections and more verbal communication. On the other hand, they are trying hard to have a good, stable life, because the peace of life is very important, but gentlemen look at it more easily. They are not less and even more selective about verbal communication, they do not enter into a lot of issues, and at a certain level they keep in touch, but the general rule can not be given, and I have repeatedly seen gentlemen who have strongly believed in horror and prophecy Of course, this depends on the level of education and the type of belief and culture.

● A way to escape anxiety

It can not be said that all depressed people are horoscope and prophesy, but many depressed and anxious people resort to such solutions. Because depression usually begins with anxiety and fears, their illnesses begin to endure themselves in solving the problems of life, and thus they are foretelling a magician to solve their problems. Because the many failed mischiefs give them the feeling that they can not decide for themselves and, as a result, abandon everything.

● Do not put your mind on anyone

There is no particular control over the magicians and people like them, there is no supervision over their sayings, they have no approved sciences, and ... For all these reasons, we should not have the most important part of our existence, that is, our psyche. We will put them in order to say whatever they want and enter our minds and minds. As we protect our bodies and do not allow anyone to harm it, we must protect our psyche and not allow anyone to enter anything. Are we ready to refer to any medicine about our body or that we seek only experienced and experienced physicians; we must treat this in the same way in our lives and in our world, and not let anyone enter it and decide. Do you come to the magician for physical anxiety that you want to solve your mental illness?

● When they do not accept themselves

People set their lives on the horoscope and the like, which themselves do not believe in themselves, they can not confirm themselves and wait for others to approve of them. Inside these, these people do not have a positive atmosphere, and therefore they are looking for someone to give this space.

● How horoscope and horoscope lead to differences between couples

I've seen so much that this horror story has created differences between the couple, since unfortunately it is one of the ways couples use. Of course, these days many couples have realized that there are other ways to resolve the conflict. I even know a gentleman to see if his wife likes him or not, if he could easily talk to him and solve the problem.

● Personality problems

There are a number of psychiatric disorders that people with it tend to go into, and paradoxical, delusions and delusions, those who experience anxiety may be This is the side and ... Unfortunately, people who are immersed in fooling themselves consider themselves justified and know their way that they see no reason to go to a specialist. These people have put all their lives on horoscopes and their normal life has been disturbed. Basically, we say in psychology that everything that has affected the important functions of life and which has affected different dimensions of life is questionable and should be investigated and can be considered as a disease.

● Those who do not have the courage to accept responsibility

Humor and foolishness are very important when making decisions; people do not make the decision to take responsibility for themselves to take responsibility. I knew someone who was a very capable and competent person, he had been told by a foolishness that he would come to a place where he would not be able to choose well and that an elderly person would help him. This person comes up with a problem everywhere. This is a problem that can not be solved, and as a result all his life was left to the family, which caused the family to intervene in his life. Is this wrong?

It's not about putting off all our abilities and worrying about the future. He had lost his power of thought and decision.

● When ignorance and superstition increase suffering

I knew the couple who wanted to marry, the mother of the boy came to assure him that he was angry, and the same words led to a difference, because he had spoken that he was not correct about the bride and, as a result, misunderstandings and the words Everything was destroyed, while the couple were personally alike and could have a good life, but because of the mother's misconceptions and her worrying worries, everything was ruined. Each method is good when it is effective for our lives, making our lives happier, giving us more calm and feeling better than not worse than ours and increasing our concerns. It should be noted that most of our suffering in life is due to ignorance, we suffer in life for our uninformed and disorganized decisions, but we want to put all the blame on others forever and say that they are to blame and blame for the blame do.

Think about what you like

The ideas inside our mind have energy and this energy will not remain in the bowl but spread throughout the universe. There is a theory of parallel universes that says that we are connected to all dimensions of the universe, if we consider the existence as a chessboard, we are at the point of this chessboard and are linked through the page lines to other dimensions of being. Thought arises only in the mind, but it spreads throughout the universe and affects everything. For example, I knew someone who was thinking of a foolish saying, he should not marry, accidentally collapsed on his wedding night, and then he constantly thought with himself that the phrase was right. In fact, those happen to be for the sake of thinking that they are constantly waiting for bad ones. Unfortunately, people have learned to think about things they do not like and, as a result, they get into their communities, they think less of what they like, they say more than they do not want. Remember that whatever you think in your mind will ultimately be your life.

● When you can not see the truth

Even if the flashbacks tell someone a good and energetic saying, listening to their words is still a high risk, why? Because it may cause us to not be able to fully see the truth, they were like the Magi, who had told them they would be happy, and thus closed their eyes and did not see their differences at the same stage of marriage, and this was a few years later for They made it difficult. For the magicians, it's a funny business, so they, like all other business people, try to improve their work; in fact, they are working more day-to-day on the minds of the people. Horoscope AndFoolingIt should remain as laziness and fun as possible, it should not be magnified so that it can fill the void of life with it.

Source: Journal of Ideal Life