What is happiness

خـوشبـختـی یعـنـی چـه

"Happiness" is a beautiful and pleasant word, and is considered valuable and popular in an ideal culture and civilization. People look at happiness with two perspectives and two theories; some see life as a lush, lush, lush and lovely beach, where they should drink well, wear well and get well ...

They convey happiness in beauty, wealth, ability, and tone, but they only mean life in comfort and convenience, but for others who see the world of creation as a school suitable for heavenly doctrines, life is like a sensitive and It's a decisive factor that offers only the opportunity to attend once and has beautiful effects beyond the exterior and the world. With this view, they view human being as a valuable asset and commit themselves and obligations and are obliged to act in their duties.

The interpretation of "happiness" is also different for these two perspectives: happiness in the first materialist view is materialistic, dreamy and unattainable. In fact, the materialists believe that they can not achieve happiness because they do not exist in the world.

They are failing to achieve the fading and false material effects, or they have not achieved all their desires, or if they have come, they have broken hands and feet, so they do not believe in the existence of happiness, and therefore, enjoyable peace of mind in the light of this happiness. Survivorous and frustrated life with restlessness and anxiety. But the look of the second group is beautiful because it looks at it with glasses of truth and vision. They do not see fantasy, supernatural and dreaming happiness.

They have an aesthetic and aesthetic look and believe that there is happiness both in this world and in the other world. With the difference that in this world, there is a transitory moment, and in the other world, eternal and eternal. Although God has created mankind to live in this world in suffering, there are moments in which he can see happiness in his eyes, and touch and even suffer when suffering from hardship. God knows, he can taste the taste of happiness. One must accept the fact that every situation and every situation have their own particular pleasures. At different ages, happiness is different and varied. You should not look for happiness in the distant lands.

Source: Health Newspaper