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The biggest mistake of life ??

The Biggest Mistake of Life

There is a place in your brain that has been sleeping in successive seeds for many years, and if you can activate these seeds in your brain, they can climb you with growth.

Mistake of life

We all make a mistake. Wrong decisions; misplaced choices; undue actions. We try and make mistakes throughout our lives and learn new lessons. Mistake always has its own bad effect on Adam's life, and he does not escape.

Bad effects A lot of mistakes can be erased over time and effort, but there are some mistakes that change the way of life of an individual so that their correction is no longer possible.

What is the biggest mistake one person may have in his life?

Error repeated, bigger error

This is important because it does not pay attention to this crisis! And spending time studying the mistakes that humans have made for success will reduce the quality of human and social relationships in the future, and will face her spiritual and social life with serious dangers.

Today, the wise men of societies have come to believe that the prosperity and happiness of man can not be achieved with the help of scientific advances, and the full realization of this goal only depends on the increase of spirituality in life. However, Allah Almighty has never left man alone in the path of life in this world and has put human societies at the mercy of sending prophets and imams.

But some people, by misleading others, never allowed the Divine Majesty to guide the lives of people who were trying to achieve success, and in the meanwhile only a few humans could reach a degree of perfection in terms of their talent and reception.

It seems that the 21st century is the century in which humans show a greater tendency toward spirituality and morality and use spirituality as the last weapon of humanity to bring humanity to the mainstream of their humanity. To make things clearer, let's take a look at a number of mistakes that humankind has committed throughout history to succeed and make such a decision not only to repeat them.

Happiness at the cost of the misery of others

For centuries, humankind has been saddened by the illusions of gaining power, and this illusion has led to bloody battles and injustice throughout the world. The illusion is that a number of people think and do what they can achieve from the misery of others to happiness, which is why they are looking for ways to abuse and conceive others. This is a problem that still does not endanger a number of thirsty people of power and success.

Many people feel that they can succeed by destroying others. "There are two ways to have the tallest building in the city," says an old proverb. One is to ruin all the tall buildings in the city and the second is to work on your building and make it taller. "This is true just about the political, economic, and personal life of each individual.

Concern over issues beyond your control

Concerns about certain issues that are solved over time only wastes human power. God will sometimes fulfill his miracles in incredible places and at the hands of unexpected and unpredictable times. Life also guides us exactly to the other side, but we do not expect them to be.

Apparently, people in the ancient world also spent a lot of energy worrying about things that were beyond their control.

First, it makes no sense to worry about anything you do not control, because if you do not have control over it, it does not make sense to worry about it.

Second, it's also meaningless to worry about things you control, because if you're really controlling, it's not a matter of concern.

Source: Fan Poutouk