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which age is the best for children to sleep alone ?

خوابیدن بچه ها, تنهاخوابیدن بچه ها

One of the key issues that cares more about the younger parents is that they should have their children in their own rooms or get used to sleeping in their careers from the start. Concerned that there is no problem for the child and the mother does not understand it, many mothers will have their child resting in their bed ...

As the child grows up and become accustomed to this way, putting himself alone in his room is a complicated matter. Doctor Katayon Khobashi, a child psychiatrist, has spoken in this regard.

Lady doctor! Is it right to put the child in the parental room?

In general, in the first year it is best to have infants exposed to parents. For this reason, we recommend that parents be exposed even if the separation room for the child is considered. Since this is not usually possible, it is best to have a baby in the first year of the infant in the parent's room but on the bed.

Why do you emphasize the extent to which the infant is exposed in the first year?

Because of the possibility of sudden infant death syndrome, the exact cause is not completely clear. The presence of a child with his parents allows his mother and father to check their breathing and sleeping status during sleep.

Should I have separated the child's bedroom after one year?

After a year, especially when it comes to non-breastfeeding children, it's best to separate them from sleep, but in the case of breastfeeding infants, it's not easy to separate a baby from a mother during sleep because the mother is forced to cry Raise him up and bring him to his bed or sit next to his bed and put him [only the users to see the links] and return to the bed again.

If a mother can accept this, it is better to separate the baby's bed from the end of the first year. Exceptionally, in case of infant milk, the maximum time that the infant can sleep in the parents' bedroom is taddling, but then the bed and bed The baby should be isolated.

So a 2-year-old child should not be allowed to sleep in the parents' bed or room at all?

Yes. Logically and scientifically, after two years of age, there is no justification for sleeping the child with the parents, but sometimes the mother's dependence on the child is severe and can not be separated from him because in the child's arms the child is restored and loved to Years later, his child is next to him.

In this case, it is necessary to talk to the mother and break up as soon as possible. In most cases, the separation is not due to the strong dependence of the mother to the child, but the mother, who is emotionally focused on her child, can, at the end of her two years of age, isolate her child's sleep.

Usually, the parents of the child will go to bed, and then they will be taken to their bed and room. What do we do to learn how to sleep their own baby?

The best way is to get our child to bed in bed alone. It's not the right thing to put him in bed and then put him in bed. We must bring the child from the beginning to know that we are serious about this matter. Of course, the mother can stay in her room until the baby is asleep.

Other habits, such as lying in the arms or legs, or providing part of the hair or the body of the mother in the child's hands until it is asleep, is not correct. In the case of a child who finds such a habit, it's best to give the shaggy mother-in-law a way for the child to get used to hugging his doll or pillow to sleep. When this habit disappears, it's easy to sleep by bringing the child to his room and staying next to her mother.

Can a mother sleep in her room with her child to sleep?

No Mother should not go to the child's bed or sleep in her room on the ground, because it's not the same as having a baby in the parents' room. The child should feel that the mother is present, but this presence means sleeping beside her. Mother can read a book for her child or tell a story so that the baby falls asleep while the doll is hugging.

If the mother did not separate her child for at least two years of age and the child was accustomed to sleeping with her mother, how can this habit be eradicated?

It's very good to use a star chart for children three to three years old. That is to say to our kid that every morning you get up if you were at bedtime, you will receive a bonus label, and for example, all three stickers will have a big prize. The use of incentive methods in this regard is effective.

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