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how to live happily ?

چگونه شاد زندگی کنیم

Behavioral patterns: The unconscious is responsible for a large part of the consequences and causes all the repetitions in human life. We operate on the basis of the programs registered in our unrecognized form. At any stage you can achieve what you want and our goal in this book also explains how to do it. But here too one must point out that when we decide to change, we will face the resistance, on the other hand the belts Close tight.

Formation of behavioral patterns: Immediately after birth, behavioral patterns begin to form, so they are very solid and settled. A small part of man's patterns in conscious life and much of it is obscure and reflects his experiences of parents.

Always remember yourself well and imagine life as you wish. Read carefully-written books on success. It is better to bring the desired behavioral patterns on paper so that these patterns become a conscious choice for you.

The mental image of yourself: The source of all our thoughts and movements is how to see ourselves. So our mental image determines how much we love the world and how much we want to live - exactly how much we will succeed in life.

Therefore, Dr. Maxwell Maltz writes: "The purpose of all psychotherapies is to change the image of one's self."

The first step towards a broad development for achieving the desired results is to change the way we think and express ourselves about ourselves. Self-centeredness and self-love are two separate categories. The sense of self-esteem is that we do not have the urge to justify ourselves and others. We should be able to feel comfortable doing anything that adds to the quality and beauty of our lives. Successful people always use thankful words because they have come to the conclusion that they must appreciate their values. Others have the same behavior we have with ourselves.

Human Value: You deserve love and respect only because you, you are. Know your values ​​and keep track of yourself that you deserve the best behaviors. If our mental image of ourselves is unhealthy, we will always hear within ourselves the "I do not deserve" whispering, and this attitude will make the happiness unconsciously repulsed.

Behavioral symptoms of an unhealthy mental image:

1) jealousy

2) Negative talking about yourself

3) Feeling guilty

4) Inability to pronounce verbal compliments

5) Not accepting verbal compliments

6) Not caring for your needs

7) Do not ask about your wishes

8) Persistent persistent weakness

9) Compare yourself with others

10) Criticism of others

11) Failure to accept and enjoy the emotions and affection of others

12) Inability to express emotions

13) Depriving her from the welfare and comfort of ...


Disease is often the result of unresolved internal conflicts that appear to be on the body sooner or later. To be healthy and energetic, it is necessary to maintain our positive emotions, express our feelings and find ourselves deserving of health and well-being. Accept this moment and have happy thoughts and health.

the pain:

Pain leads us to think and change. Like physical pain, if the emotional pain is also stupid, the blows will continue. These injuries will continue until we make a change in our attitude.

We are part of our everyday world: we become part of our immediate environment, and no one is immune from the effects of the environment, friends, family, books, etc. If you are determined to change your life, you are determined to change your environment. Dance


Poverty is the result of poor thinking if you want to change the way you think. In life, we get what we expect.

To make money or accumulate it, you need to be able to be comfortable with it, if you do not, then you will be consciously or deceptively arranged to lose it.

To be wealthy you should be able to feel good and positive towards the rich. Everyone must accept that it is worth the help because your ability to accept other help determines your ability to earn wealth.

If you are too dependent on money, it will be difficult for you to make money and keep it

If you accept success, you will always be distracted by your distress and discomfort.

Poverty has nothing to do with spirituality; wealth and anxiety are signs of a person's balance.

Necani to improve financial situation:

1) Save money first, then spend money

2) Review the attitudes of the rich

3) Remember yourself worthy of wealth

4) Map and plan your goals

5) Do not blame the parents, the climate, the economy, the government and ... for your sake.

second chapter


Time really does not exist. This is the only moment we have to make something from this moment. Living in the present time means that we enjoy all that we are doing for ourselves and not just to seek its ultimate goal.


Take life in the present and do not hold your breath for future events in your chest. When you're waiting for something, get your job done. Expedite your results by dropping your position.


Kaminurzi is one of the main causes of diseases. Blaming others has nothing to do with us and does not change anything. The blame of oneself and others will only prevent us from addressing the main issue that we must do. Choosing with us that we can control our lives and live or we chained ourselves to the distractions and distresses of the past.

Dealing With Depression:

Is it not stupid to carry all the concerns of the next 25 years and just wonder why life is so difficult? We have designed ourselves for twenty-four hours of today and no more. Today's concern for tomorrow's problems will not hurt us.


We often get sick when we become overly serious about ourselves and our lives. What we need to stay healthy is laughing. Let us sometimes point out to ourselves that we are human beings and that, like all other humans, stupid things may run from us. If your expectation is flawless and imperfect, you do not belong to this planet. Life is not so serious. Let's take the joke more seriously.

Chapter III:

We are drawn to our dominant ideas:

The principle is: "Everything you think will be drawn to it", even if it's not our desired thoughts. The reason is that the path of the movement of the mind is always toward anything and not in the direction of its escape. Positive thinking is constructive, what you want to think.

Unconscious Sign:

Let's admit that we give our minds every day through our own thoughts of our own minds. So watch out for our thoughts. Imagine your goal "obtained" to provide your unobtrusive meaning in order to reach it.


The more your imagination grows, the easier it is to remember and solve your problems. Grow your imagination like your body. Everything starts dreaming. Be a supporter of your dream. "If you have never dreamed, then you will never have a match that has come to the truth."


The fundamental value of mental practice is to enable us to provide patterns of complete and complete function to our brain cells. We do not make mistakes in imagination. In any case, take time to do the fatal and imperfect action you want to do in your mind.

Law of Attraction:

The human mind is like a magnet, and it throws everything into it. Think of your own desires to achieve them. Of course, the use of thought force is not an alternative to action, but it enables us to use our minds to achieve our goals with ease and speed.

the fear:

By generalizing this principle, we come up with a new "fear of loss." When we are afraid of losing something, we are prone to losing it.

The principle is: "Focus on what you have, enjoy it and not worry about losing it." If we believe that by losing something or someone's life will be destroyed, then the world may Decides to prove to us that without that thing or that one we will be able to live. Fear of losing, living in the present, living in the future.

Escape from the Fears:

Another remarkable principle is that often when we find the courage to deal with the problems, they disappear and no longer needs to be faced with them.

Power of words:

You will get the same as you speak, because these are the words that make up our mind. If you are determined to live happily, you should talk about yourself positively. Positive expressions allow us to choose the right choices and put them in their pronoun, and in doing so, we will have a better performance and feel. Principles to be followed when making a positive statement:

1. The mind always moves towards what we think, so if your statement is "I'm not sick," your desired results will not be earned.

2. By saying and writing a positive statement, its effect can be doubled, because more physical senses are involved and deeper effects.

3- Repeating these sentences is necessary and important. To rebuild the belief system that we have defended for twenty years, we certainly need persistence and insistence.


When grateful to our blessings, we focus our attention on our desirable needs. When we recognize our life as rich in divine goodness and what we now have, we will be flocking to a life of fresh blessings.

Fourth Season:


The goal is what keeps us on the move. The goal is to be a part of our nature, and merely aiming is far more important than the nature of that goal. Because the most important thing is not to achieve the goal, but to learn and grow along the way.

The law is the main addition to the results that tell us with certainty: "In addition to the main goal, many results will come from you."

When planning for the goal, we need to remember how everything works on this planet, nothing is moving in a straight line, and no direct goal is achieved, but continuous correction is the way to the goal.

Put your goals on paper. Obviously, the list is not the only thing to do, but it gives us a list of ways and means of achieving our goals of life.


The only thing that limits our success is the thinking that tells us: "You can not succeed." We create a new responsibility with every limit we place. Disassembling the labels that we hang yourself is the first step towards good living.


We are constantly faced with great situations that hide our cleverness in the most unsolved problems. Problems are part of the legacy of world culture that make us learn to experience our own self-esteem and extend our minds.

Mistakes: Mistakes are not really wrong, let's wait for errors in every case and accept them as part of the learning process. Moreover, if we are not so serious and dumb before ourselves, it will be much easier to live with many mistakes. Failure is never a shame, shame is not just a failure.

Planting and harvesting law:

It will be treated with you as you have treated others. Whatever work you take back. The world is just and just, today's understanding of the lives of the dead of ours yesterday.


Achieving any goal always requires acceptance of the risk. The stuff of life is the handling of fresh things and the creation of fresh things from your own essence. Unsafe chokes the power of life.


When we become dominant in ourselves, it is a wonderful thing, that is, it is often enough to commit the same thing. In other words, when we come to pay every price to reach our goal, there is no need to pay for it anymore.


We need to work because our nature calls for it. Because of the effort, privilege and desire of man for learning, self-examination, experimentation and experience. The mistake of most people here is that they work only for the ultimate goal, not for the pleasure of working, and that is why when they do not achieve their goals, they suffer from depression and depression.

When things get better, we get better. Everything changes when we have changed, not before.

Get your full power:

When your individual philosophy is, "I will do my best, regardless of ..." Then you can always stand up to your ideas with pride. Damage is damaged, but this damage is more severe when it comes to knowing that we have not made our best effort.

The end of the night, Siah: Life is this way, always the coldest and darkest moments just before dawn, but if you keep ourselves from falling and despair, rewards will soon be flowing.


The insistence is a secret, the secret that successful people are well aware of. They know that this secret is the main cause of victory, but the losers regard insistence as a kind of "extra effort" (of course, one should not be confused with inspiration)


The first lesson is to ask for it. For several reasons, it is important to consider the following:

1- Applying for a sign of confidence and worthiness for yourself is important for health.

2. The first step is to understand your wishes to others because no one can read our minds.

3. For others, it also delights to help us.

And if someone gives you a negative answer, it does not mean you're not worth it, but only means that your ideas do not fit with the ideas of that person.

Reasons and results:

If you do not have your own life, if you do not really do your own work, there's no excuse to justify it. The amount of pleasure we live in has a reciprocal relation with the degree of blame.

Chapter 5:

Need time:

Nature always needs time. Oak is not enlarged one day, our growth and evolution are the same. Creating trust, the development of a healthy body, a profitable business all and all needs time.


Nature sometimes requires rest and relaxation. We also need time to relax, to rest, to contemplate and to be.

Learn about children:

Spend your time with the kids and learn more about laughing, curiosity, acceptance, trust, will, and creative imagination, the kids come to teach us.

Uninterrupted activity:

As long as we move on, we do not have to worry so much as to avoid the terrible weakness that comes from individual personal interpretations. The key to happiness and evolution is activity.

If you do not use it, you miss it:

The continuous universe encourages us to stay busy. The law of legal exploitation is incredible. We move on and when we can hold what we have for ourselves to make the most of it.

Relax and leave things to yourself:

From the scientific point of view, when we are comfortable, the rhythm of the brain takes a more relaxed movement, indicating the alpha waves, and in this case, human beings have a great deal of ability and creativity, and the desired results are easily achieved.


Try to get things done, but do not be prisoners for these goals. We need to be able to live without them to get some things.


Nothing changes except nothing. However, it seems that we sometimes forget this law and impose many misfortunes on ourselves.


To create a healthy flow, leave everything you do not want, do not need or do not need. Apart from the feelings that obviously come to a certain degree of excellence, you suddenly see yourself attracting more fresh things like a magnet.

How much do we know ?!

If you are determined to first understand it before using anything, you should wait a long time. Experience has proven to me that we have received the greatest favor if we accept and use what we have. Let others take their time to justify the issues. Let's look at the result.

Life is worthless unless you value it: life is not dull, but a boredom in people who look at their world behind dirty and dark glasses. Until now, no matter how much you enjoy your beauty, today you can decide to enjoy it more. Today is the time of choice today and every day.

Chapter Six

Today is important:

Wherever you are, there is a starting point, more effort today is the maker of your next tomorrow.

"A tree, no matter how large, begins with a grain, the longest journey with the first step"


Source: Synopsis of "The Secret to Living"