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How to make peace with the past and build the future?

چگونـه با گذشـتـه خـود صلـح کنیـم و آینـده را بسـازیـم؟

Sometimes we do not have the trouble with others, we do not have any quarrel with anyone, we are not upset and our only problem is ours. It's better to say with our own past.

We are angry with ourselves, we are tired of ourselves and we do not know what to do. If you have this problem, you should know that your problem can be solved to a great extent, especially the problems that you do not blame yourself and in some way consider yourself a victim, for example, a victim of family problems, hereditary diseases, incidental events Forecast and ...

We do not want to say that the following ways can completely solve your problem, but these can greatly change your life's relationships and be aware of your old pain.

1) Take a new path; Find your own priority: it may be repetitive but important. You have to do your dreams, otherwise these dreams will wander in your soul. They are not born, die, and the death of our dreams is our own death. So find your dreams that are in the top priority and give them life. Even if this is to die in your mind!

2) Trust in yourself; listen to your inner wisdom: we all hear a call from within; a call that talks to us and we do not hear, that is, we hear, but we close our hearts to them. Do this this time and listen to the sound inside of you and what you want to kindly hear. Perhaps the answer is within you, and you are looking for vain in the outside world and others.

3) Go one step back; get yourself out of distress: sometimes we are in a circle of our mistakes and instead of stepping out of the circle, with the justification that another work of our past involves our problems We're going to be getting bigger while moving forward rather than going back.

4) Do not seek higher privilege; get to your standards: contrary to the belief, many of us are not lost or lost; you can be successful at the same level as you. Sometimes succeeding is the first person in the field, sometimes walking, and sometimes it is possible to stand and even sometimes always stand on a wheelchair and continue to live.

Source: Health Newspaper