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My friend is my friend ...

Your friend

On top of allthoughtsPositively, stand firmly and look at the sea with eyes full of curiosity and affection, whatever you find in the seagrass in a turbulent sea. The romantic music of the sea, both in its beautiful tranquility and its seemingly devastating waves. Look at the sea to see all the feelings of positive thinking and positivity in the blue and beautiful zone. As you look at that calm blue, you will see pride, calmness, thought, turbulence, self-confidence, supremacy, unconditional preference, and power, "the power that lies in the midst of the waves of the sea," is the same power. Which is always in you, the same power that enables you to do whatever is impossible and you still look at the sea, you see?

He has everything he has of himself; he has his calm, powerful wave and whatever he wants. He is so adept at his power that he, with his gentle hands and his mercy, makes a wave of rebellious and courageous, but of his own kind, well, to the immensity of the sea, this seemingly calm sea has its own things, many of which For a long time, they have either lost or lost their minds. YesSeaThere is a pretense of wickedness and kindness and a void of hatred. Though in the midst of him there is a vast and complex part of the mighty creation possible, he, albeit calm and kind, embraces all the virtues of creation, just like some seemingly calm people who are exuberant and overwhelming, full of compassion and affection Generous, and so that you do not break their secret, you will not be able to follow this great secret, as the sea, which should have suffered its immersion in its depths, so that its beauty will be small, albeit only a little.

Look at his generosity, to those far away, where the sun "manifests itself as the source of divine energies" to the other half of life, in order to respect its justice. Look at the sea and look at the sea as far as the sea. Do not confine yourself to him, nor to his magnificent area with the sea, but to the side of the vague blue waters of the sea with him, sometimes to the dark, yet wonderful and beautiful darkness of the sea, and sometimes separate with the waves from the sea and fly to the sky Take a flight that is inseparable from the sea; look at the waves of the sea and the wings on the beautiful horizon and boldly look at the sea.

Your friend

Now you have to consider yourself part of the sea, yes, if you are well immersed in yourself, you see, now, you are a sea, a marvelous sea than the sea you've been watching, you've gotten the other sea; you're brighter, quieter, you're sea-mogul. ; A gentle blue, a beautiful zeal, a courageous gentleman, a powerful and stealthy tune; you're a sea of ​​brighter, more generous, stronger and more beautiful, looking good everywhere around you, you will be much better than them, that is, you will have all of it There are some good things that disappear. Believe me, you've already sewed out of the sea, a sea that knows and sees and understands that it is a sea. The sea that knows it is beautiful, powerful, useful, its creation is flawless and purposeful, we have come to be the sea with all the good.

The power of the sea is inconceivable, but he doesthe beachShe is not cruel to her, she is affectionate and affiliated, she embraces each other in the most beautiful way possible, kind and free of any hatred and hatred, and you can sew and see and hear and hear in the middle of the night. Singles of the sea and the beach are singing alongside the song of tranquility and comfort. No, the sea boasts its greatness and plenty, and it does not hide its seaside, but the sea descends to its little one, it does not despise the sea on the beach, nor the coast on the hard sea; every wave that comes to the shore contains a merciful message on the sea "Hundreds and thousands of hymns and Love song, love and friendship "and any wave that goes back to the sea from the beach, carries the best and most emotional answers.

My good friend, toSeaLook and see the sea, because the sea is calm, beautiful, powerful, kind and generous. Now, instead of looking at the sea, be yourself a sea. Just as calm, equally powerful and kind.

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