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Why do not some hair shine?

Why do some hair become frizzy?

SomeWomen have a special interest in drying their hair permanently. Apart from the care that has been taken from the hair that has been found to have undergone a structural change, there are some women who do not get a good result of hairing their hair. In the case of persistent hair loss, there is a lot of talk and tradition. Failure to obtain the desired result is due to several reasons. Hair texture is a very important factor. The delicate, thin hair is hardened and hardened when it's fresh, fragile, damaged and wrinkled.

Some fragrance material should stay on the hair for a long time so that it can break the hair and make it fry. If they are washed earlier than necessary, the hair does not fade well. If the neutralizing agent does not remain on the hair for a period of time or does not work for some reason, the chemical bonds of the hair will return to its original state and, consequently, the hair fading will not be desirable. Neutralizers containing hydrogen peroxide are sometimes weakened or inactive, and as a result, neutralization is not well done and the result is not desirable. Mud cure is very important before removing all the residual substances before neutralizing it.

The next point is smoking in pregnancy. Although some hairdosers believe that hair is less prone to pregnancy during pregnancy, there is no scientific basis for this idea. Because the visible part of the hair is dead at the top of the tissue, changes in the body such as pregnancy do not affect this hair part. Sometimes, the severity of hair loss during pregnancy varies due to changes in the activity of the scalp gland. This change may affect the texture or appearance of the hair. If the hair is well washed before shampooing before the permanent oven, fat changes will not have any effect on the oven.

Lastly, I recommend that due to changesBuildingDue to the chemical in the hair that has been coated (the severity of these changes is proportional to the strength of the chemical material), you should follow the notes when shampooing and combing.

Your perfect shampooShampooThe acid is weak, which is less alkaline when it is less wet, it causes the hair to bleed and, as a result, the outer layers of the cells. It is also necessary to use a after shampoo softener, because it makes it easy to comb and brighten the hair. The use of the controller also prevents the hair from slipping by reducing the amount of static electricity.

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