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Girls who want beautiful hands

Girls who want beautiful hands

Usually the first thing that takes everyone to the mirror is to see the face. The innate tendency of man to be more beautiful is undeniable, but this beauty is not only limited. Some women care about the health of the skin and the beauty of their faces, but they do not care about the condition of their hands; the hands that they always and in all things, such as cooking, typing, dealing with home and family affairs, and ... help them. But why not pay attention to this very active body member?

We suggest some simple ways to make your hands look smoother and more beautiful:


If you always deal with paper, you should give more attention to wetting your hands. Some people mistakenly think that if they drink enough water every day, their skins will completely eliminate water and have a moist skin, but that's not enough. Do not forget that our skin needs special attention. The largest part of the human body is skin and it should be of great importance. We often care about the makeup and beauty of our faces, because we know that in dealing with others, the appearance of more than any other member, but we forget that the hands also need to moisturize and use a sunscreen.

Homemade Manicure

You can manicure yourself in your nails. This is a very simple and easy task. All you need to do is nail creams, nail tips, several nail polishes and skin cleansers. When your skin is soft and moist, it has more flexibility. In this case, you can clean the skin around the nails, then use the nail cream and hand, as when the hands get wet with relatively warm water, all the nutrients in the cream absorb nails and hands. If you deal with a lot of computers and your hands are very busy, you should preferably keep your nails short. A neat scarf and a nail polish will help you do it well. One side of the nail souffle should be shrill to pour off, and the other side should be softer to sort and make the final beauty. Choose a lacquer with your own color. If some of it is rubbed over the skin around the nails during lacquering, do not bother; wait a little until your nail polish is completely dry, then place your hand in a warm soapy solution. Now the lacquer is easily cleaned around the nails and your nails look beautiful and perfect.

One of the best and simplest things for a beautiful looking hands is to never nail your nails. Some people are accustomed to doing this and have been wearing their nails for years. This will not only make the nails look unpleasant, but later, if you do not jolt your nails and want to lift them, the nails will be very weak and fragile. Chewing nails are one of the symptoms of severe anxiety and stress. When you are restless, chew on chewing gum, start shaking your hair or eat something. You should try to do something else in your hands and mouth. Even people who do not chew on the nail do this unconsciously during stressful and stressful situations. There are two ways to prevent this situation. You can quit your concerns, or deal with them, or use a deterrent. Some inhibitors include the use of a nasty layer of nails and nails until you chew nails to do it or you can design your nails beautifully, so that as soon as your hand reaches the mouth, the beauty of it prevents it. To work.

Vitamins and supplements

Our hair and skin and nails need nutrients to grow. If the body's vitamins and minerals are low and undernourished, or if the body's hormones are not in balance, it will reduce the beauty of the skin, hair and nails. So the first and most important point to drink water is to help cleanse the skin and the body from infections, and help the skin get younger. Also, with the daily intake and absorption of multivitamins, nutrients are sufficiently absorbed in your body; as a result, your nails grow well and firmly and firmly.

Wash hands

Hand washing is the easiest way to deal with viruses and infections, and ultimately to prevent the disease and its prevalence. It's an important issue when you wash your hands and how to do it.

How much do you go about hygiene while washing hands and how much do you teach this to your children?

For this, only water and soap are needed. All of us are in contact with other people throughout the day, and we deal with different objects and surfaces; so many masses accumulate in our hands, and then we go to our eyes, nose and mouth. Of course, it's never possible to completely eliminate the hands from any kind of mass and pollution, but washing them limits and reduces the transmission of bacteria and viruses and other germs.

Always wash your hands before doing these things:

Preparing and cooking Food eating Contact wounds and injuries or giving a patient a contact with a sick person and injured Lenses of the eye

Always wash your hands after doing the following:

Going to the bathroom changing diapers, touching an animal or related items

Cleansing the nose, coughing and sneezing on some wounds and skin lesions Contact a sick person and injured handling rubbish or anything that can be contaminated, such as dirty clothes and dirty shoes. Of course, as soon as you feel your hands are dirty, you should wash them immediately.

How to wash our hands:

In general, it is best to wash your hands with water and soap:

Rub your hands with soapy water. Apply liquid soap, solid or powder to your hands to soot. For at least 20 seconds, apply hands well to disinfect and soap your palms, hands, wrists and nails. Then wash your hands thoroughly with water. Dry your hands with a clean towel or drying. If possible, close the tap with a towel. Keep in mind that antibacterial soaps are not as good as normal soaps to eliminate the masses and contaminants, and even sometimes they also cause bacteria to grow because the bacteria are resistant to the ingredients in these soaps and can be easily removed from Do not go

Children need clean hands

You can help your child by washing your hands with encouragement. When you wash your hands, ask them to accompany you and remind them of the regular washing of hands (do not overdo it). You can use hand-held alcohol cleaners when water and soap are not available.

Washing children's hands is an important issue. Larger children who are outdoors with their friends are more likely to be infected with gastric, intestinal and respiratory infections, and transmit viruses and germs to other people in their families. You need to educate your children not just before eating, but as soon as they rub their hands, they will wash them well. Washing hands is not time consuming, but it prevents many diseases. This small and simple habit can be a great step for your health.

Here are some common problems with the hands and feet through question and answer:

Q: I am 19 years old. I have good skin, but the skin of my hands and feet is darker than other parts of my body. What is the reason for this and what can I do to resolve this issue?

A: This problem can occur for many people. Of course, we all care about the skin of your face more than the skin of the hands and feet, and sometimes we ignore them. To solve this problem, apply coconut oil every day to your skin and hands. You can also use the skin liner. This will make your skin clearer.

Q: I always torment the heels of my legs. Early this problem only came to me in the winter, but this summer it happens too. What should I do?

C: To solve this problem, you need to pedicure every 10 days. When bathing, use stones to remove dead skin. Another way is to make a mask with flour, almonds, lemons, chopped flour and some fresh cream and apply it to your heels. It is best to apply this mask at night to the desired areas.

Q: My hands are usually dry and rough and I do not know how to take care of them?

A: Add a teaspoon of fresh cream with a teaspoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of lemon, and stir well until the sugar is completely dissolved inside it and apply it to your hands every day. After two or three weeks, you will see the result. Because most women use their hands for washing, this will dry the skin of their hands. Put a honey dish in the kitchen in front of your eyes and apply it several times throughout the day to your hands and then wash them. This will soften the skin of your hand. The use of warm almond oil also helps them smoothly. With these simple and small things you can have soft and delicate hands.

Q: For some time, painful corneas have been created on my legs. These corns cause my harassment while walking. what should I do?

C: Germs are usually caused by walking with inappropriate shoes; so you should change them. The use of a crib pad is also effective. These pads help to soften the corns and often cause them to disappear.

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