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The most important principles of the beauty of the face

The most important principles of the beauty of the face

Many of the stars in the world of cinema are faces that are well-known throughout the world, and their lines and faces depict beautiful roles in front of the eyes that look at the silver screen of the cinema, but have you ever wondered why this The faces are beautiful and nice? Perhaps, if you look at all of the facial features of these actors, you will not find any particular beauty, but the main thing is in proportion to the different components of their faces with each other and their main secret is their beauty ...

If you would like to know how fit your face is and your face has this advantage, just go to the mirror and make an abacus about the fit of the various components.

Fit chin

First of all, we go to your chin. Ideally, in a profile view, the vertical line drawn from the bottom of your lips should reach your chin. If the tip of the chin is behind this line, then your chin is slower than the ideal. In these situations, it may be necessary to strengthen the chin, or to bring it forward, in order to coordinate the facial features, but if, on the contrary, your tip of the chin is ahead of this vertical line, then you will have a chin outstretch that you can in consultation with a plastic surgeon , Take advantage of making your chin smaller. An ideal, proportional chin can improve your lips, teeth and nose.

Golden ratio between facial components

It's interesting to know that in beautiful shapes, there is a golden ratio between the various components of that face, which many scientists have discovered in many beautiful nature components such as flower petals, body birds, insect body parts and even fingers scissors. Accordingly, in this beautifully beautiful faces, there is a golden ratio between the longitudinal, transverse, and vertical lines of the face. In vertical ratios, the distance between the hair extension line and the nasal root extends to the nasal base below the chin, as well as the line spacing that connects the two pupils to the line between the two lips between the two lips below the chin. This proportion also shines in horizontal components of proportional faces. For example, if you have an ideal face, the ratio of your lips to your nose. To check these ratios, you can take a whole picture of yourself and then draw those lines on it and measure them with a ruler and compare their ratios.

Does this mask sit on you?

Nehratiti is one of the ancient Egyptians whose face was beautifully famous. He lived in Egypt between 1350 and 1370 BC. It is interesting to know that his face is still a beautiful figure after 3200 years. Plastic surgery specialists have designed a mask in which the fitting of the facial features is well designed. The researchers say that if the mask is perfectly matched to someone's face, then it's a beautiful face. The researchers have adapted the mask to the person's face and have seen that beauty does not know the time. In other studies, the researchers have matched this mask on the faces of famous models and have found that the faces that we consider to be beautiful and memorable are perfectly matched to this mask fitting the facial features.

The Africans have fallen in love with the jaws

It's not bad to know that different peoples and nations have different levels of beauty, but a common point in all of these peoples in the countries is to discuss harmony and harmony.

For example, in the African breed, both the jaws have come out and come forward, which is considered by many to be foolish in the eyes of many people, but is considered to be beautiful among Africans themselves. In the beauty of the face, we must consider all the facial features together and vote one face beautifully. Let's face it and put it on a facial part, and think that by manipulating that face, it's usually not the right mindset. To determine the fit of the face, we must examine all its components, such as hairs, foreheads and eyebrows. Sometimes you might think that if you make a change in your face, your face will be more beautiful if it's not even a problem with the jaw and an abnormality is related to another part of the face.

Nose cosmetology

Maybe you are a supporter of a small, upright nose and think that with this nose, your face will be super beautiful, but the nose and the tip are not suitable for any face. If you have a large bony face, it will not be beautiful with a small nose, even with a surgical procedure, because it will fit the facial features of your face. A small nose may make a face look pretty ugly. Upper nose also gives you an artificial model. Do not forget, in the long run, nicer nudes that look natural. The nose is a nose that fits other parts of your face and matches the shape of the lips, the distance between your lips and your nose, the width of the face and the distance between your eyes. Usually plastic and cosmetic surgeons examine all these principles before nasal surgeries, and then they cut lines with a mark on your face that will create surgical cuts.

Source: iranew.com