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Skin and skin health during pregnancy

Changes in timePregnancyIn the morning and in the morning, it can create new conditions for women, which these special conditions also require special care.

The skin of pregnant women is slightly warmer than other people, and in some areas of the skin, red veins appear during pregnancy, which are due to changes in the body's hormones during pregnancy, which causes the skin's superficial vessels to open and its appearance. For example, in the hands of a pregnant woman, it may naturally erode redness, which is a normal condition and does not require special treatment. Occasionally, due to this vascular changes, lesions, especially in the face, which are prominent and invigorating due to these changes, are red, but red blood cells that have high blood vessels and blood donors, should be examined by a dermatologist and if necessary treated. But due to the redness that occurs in the outdoor areas of the body such as sunburn, it is better to use a sunscreen suitable for pregnant women during pregnancy. This sunscreen should have a lower amount of added ingredients; hence the use of sunscreens for children is more appropriate at this time.

In addition to vascular changes in pregnant women with taperingSkinIn some areas, like the back and neck of the neck and genital areas, we also interact. There are also changes in the pregnancy, and it seems that the teeth become more intense. All of these changes are due to hormones that have grown during pregnancy. Of course, these changes are best done by the dermatologist to confirm their naturality. During pregnancy, blemishes are also present in the facial area, which is also called pregnancy mask or melasma. Of course, melasma can also be used by unmarried people. Melasma is accompanied by tinting of the central areas of the skin, such as the nose and the middle of the forehead, as well as the nose and the middle of the forehead. This state of affairs lasts for a few months afterwards, and it can last for many years.

Due to the effects of sunburn on the increase of skin pigmentation, sunblock can be used to prevent melasma increase, but it is better not to use anti-staining drug cream during pregnancy. But it can be used after birth if these types of patches do not go away themselves; they are used by anti-stains or layers of grafts. One of the other changes in the skin during pregnancy is the formation of red stripes in the openings, due to the excessive stretch of the skin during pregnancy and the abdominal distension that the skin's collagen fibers do not tolerate this dilation and the effectiveness of the fibers that produce such lesions. These lesions are stereovascular They say that they can occur in pregnant women. These red ribbons may be present in some women until a long time later, or they become colored and remain in the same state.

To treat this condition or prevent it, during pregnancy, there are several types of worms that can be used from some of those who have more scientific documentation. However, it should be borne in mind that these lesions only improve with local topical medications and, in general, they can not be prevented from pregnancy during pregnancy. Methods such as laser and microdermabberion may also help to treat these lesions, of course, but both should be done after the test of a part of the affected area. Other changes in the skin during pregnancy include excessive sweating, which can disturb the pregnant woman and cause her discomfort, but he will recover from this condition.

Severity of some skin diseases during pregnancy can be reduced, including acne, which is usually reduced in severity in the second half of pregnancy. Also during pregnancy, hair loss is reduced, which is due to hormonal changes, and those that do not naturally erupt in this period. After a baby usually begins to fall in the 6- to 4-month-old baby, which is said to cause hair loss after hair loss. The hair loss of Telogen is a disease that can occur due to stress, bleeding, surgery and febrile illness.

Given these tips, pregnant women should be advised to avoid using beauty products that can make it too fragile and can also be avoided by professional hair styling, coloring and coloring. In general, it is best to avoid skin irritation during pregnancy and with stimulants, which are often used as cosmetics, so that this period can go on with the least harmful effects.

Other problems that may occur during pregnancy include a "itchy urticar rash" that usually occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy and pregnant women who are first being pregnant. This condition is most likely due to excessive abdominal distension and occurs more often in twins or in cases where the fetus is relatively thicker. The lesions are in the form of urticaria and pruritus, and first appear in the red veins that appear behind the abdomen. These lesions appear in the form of red, or sometimes large red, reddish areas. Itching is a relatively intense condition, which causes anxiety and anxiety in the mother and her teeth. In these cases, itching sometimes causes bumps on the skin, which is called excoriation.

These lesions are usually withgiving birthOr shortly afterwards it will improve and do not leave works. Treatment for a patient's pruritus involves the use of topical anti-pruritus medicines, such as calamine, crotamiton, or the use of middle-strength topical steroids. In case of severe itching, the gynecologist will also be advised to use anticancer medicines, such as antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine or diphenhydramine. However, it should be noted that due to the pregnancy, many oral medications can not be used, so that the mother should tolerate this and the other side, and knowing that the lesions do not have any harm to the fetus, and their itching only causes the mother to be harmed. Many women can tolerate this problem well. Sometimes thiswaste productsSkin is also caused in the later stages of the person, which will be less severe each time than the previous one.

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