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What you should know about the skin

This cruel joke is said to be, more than half of women flee fighting and fighting, but at the same time they are flogging and porting. This issue has a hormonal origin, so that the hormone floats in the presence of the woman and the woman is unable to stabilize and control it.

"As estrogen levels fluctuate in the body of women, for example," it decreases during menopause, "Andrug, which is a male-derived glandular stimulator, can be reduced, and eventually" Stop. " One of the most important negative factors in this decrease is the secretion of the hormone nervous pressure. To cope with this problem, it is enough to calm and control the climate. New methods are available for skin transparency that is desirable for all, and preventing wrinkling of the skin and displaying signs of aging.

Damage to the skin at home

Regular skin care eliminates the main causes of skin blemishes. These pimples, with small pores on the skin, are created by the fat and debris of the cells and inflamed by bacteria, which, in contrast to adolescence and puberty, dissolve the skin and make skin wrinkles more visible. Normally, a variety of products are recommended and prescribed for the treatment of these wounds and wrinkles, such as:

Salicylic Acid:This drug fills the pores on the skin and smooths the skin by pouring dead cells.

Retinoid:Like retinol, one of the derivatives of vitamin A, it cures boils, smoothes lines on the skin, destroys sun-damaged cells by normalizing cells.

Moisture absorbent material:It absorbs moisture and is anti-inflammatory, such as green tea and allantoin to relieve inflammation.

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