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Interesting pictures of a mysterious city

گردشگری,گردشگری در ایران

Explore the mysterious city in the cave of the three underground floors

The underground city (Uye) is located below the texture of the city of Nosh-Abad 8 km north of Kashan in Isfahan province. The city is located in 3 floors underground, with a depth of 4 to 18 meters, and has numerous spaces, including a room, hallway, wells and many canals to escape.

Until 2002, no documentary information was available about the system in terms of the system of defense and shelter and was known as the secret crypt.

The way to enter this complex is hidden in the houses or in the adjoining castle adjacent to the city or in the densely populated areas and inside the canals that are built from under the houses and for the passage of the aqueduct, the wells inside the mosques, gardens and markets, and wherever At the time of the attack, the enemy provided quick access and escape to the residents.

گردشگری,گردشگری در ایران

Along the way, the underground city excavated rooms of various dimensions for temporary accommodation. There are a number of ditches in the chamber. Every room is 180 cm high.

The rooms are made in you with angular corridors, which eliminates the direct view of the next space. At 20 centimeters below the ceiling and at a distance of 1 meter across the body of the rooms, there are cavities to put the pyrotechnic lights in order to provide the brightness of the spaces.

In the walls of the rooms, and in some of them there are wells that can hardly be entered; the height of these wells is 3 to 5 meters, which is a way of connecting to the next floors.

گردشگری,گردشگری در ایران

Due to the fact that there are no spaces in your environment, there is no respiratory problem, and this is one of the surprises inside the complex.

Drinking and drinking water in the underground city was provided by hidden roads that were linked to the aqueducts and underground. These spaces not only extend to the underground, but also to the fence outside the city and even the historic city and the hall. Niasar has a way.

Source: bornanews.ir