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The oldest Iranian prehistoric cemetery

The village of Merian is in the beautiful city of Talesh.

Historical village of Merian in the city of Talesh and is located 143 km from Rasht. The village reaches the south to the forest areas and you can also enjoy the wonderful views of the forest alongside the Merian village.

One of the historical spectacles of the village is the ancient cemetery, which is the oldest Iranian prehistoric cemetery and documentary that lived in the distant past in the area. The graves are multi-storey and rammed cattle, and according to the tale of the dead, the cemetery was buried with the means of life in the graves.

کهن‌ترین گورستان پیش از تاریخ ایرانی را ببینید +عکس

An old bath that belongs to one of the Safavid or Qajar periods is also in the village. Do not miss the village bath.

Marijani speak Azeri and Taleshi, and almost all of them are engaged in animal husbandry, horticulture, gardening and handicrafts. Grizzly gardens of Maryland have apricot, apple, and pear trees, and villagers climb Jajim.

کهن‌ترین گورستان پیش از تاریخ ایرانی را ببینید +عکس

Village houses are located in a mountainous area, and therefore their structure is different from the rest of the province; houses are made of stone and wood. The houses are small enough to not penetrate into the cold.

The village of Kerganrood is also in the village. The glorious river of the valley and the autumn colors of the forest trees covered with fog make dream landscapes. The village's men participate in horse riding and ship festivals each year, and the village children are still interested in playing local games.

کهن‌ترین گورستان پیش از تاریخ ایرانی را ببینید +عکس

The Yalda Night Celebration will take place with special occasions in the village. The people of Murian believe that you have to get rid of the moon and the sun, or that the rain should be dipped on the copper dishes. When traveling to Merian, you should always hear the music of the shepherds and the locals of Taleshi.

قلعه نصوری

Shorbe's broth, Ghormeh's broth, Sour Ash and a variety of local cuisine of the village, and the way to reach Merian from the city of Oshpat.

قلعه نصوری

Source: bornanews.ir