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Safety on Nowruz trips

سفرهای نوروزی,ایمنی در سفرهای نوروزی

Nowruz tours

Nowruz has the largest volume of travels in the country. So, it is not strange if the most devastating and most devastating journeys of the year occur. We have recommendations for having a safe trip, which is essential for every passenger

Home safety when traveling:

*Be sure to close all the doors and windows.

*Check the gas valve and close it completely.

*Avoid giving your home key to untrusted and unfamiliar people. Even to water your pots.

*If you have the tools at home (such as gold, money, etc.), if possible, keep a reliable person or keep it in the right place.

Safety and health of the driver and passengers when traveling:

*Always have a good rest before traveling, so do not get tired and drowsy while driving.

*Seat belts in addition to providing driver's health will make driving more fluent.

*Do not talk when driving with a mobile phone.

*Avoid riding over-authorized occupants.

*In long driving, how often do your knees in your shoulders, and try to get out of the car in tired conditions and do some sports.

*If you feel drowsy while driving, be sure to stop and rest near the road (parking lot) or in a safe place.

*Use the right light at night to drive.

Car safety:

*Try to control your car before leaving your car in any way to avoid technical malfunction. (Wind tires, engine oil, brake oils, snow plows, lights, batteries, etc.)

*Make sure you have the safety and essential equipment needed to repair the car (flashlight, hazard triangle, spare tire, fire extinguisher caps, safety accessories box, chain wheel, etc.)

*During Nowruz, due to fluctuations in weather and unpredictable weather conditions, try driving during the day, because driving at night can be accompanied by errors and more incidents.

*Notice the signs of driving and warning signs on the roads, especially on highways.

*Do not use high light when driving in the night, because the driver's view of the front is difficult for you. (Use this light only if needed)

Be sure to use healthy and sanitary drinking water, since using infected and unsafe water causes diseases such as typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, diarrhea and parasitic diseases.

Required items when traveling:

*First aid box

*Thermal instruments such as blankets, thick clothes and ... (depending on the intended destination)

*Flashlight, yarn and needle, match, rope and ...

*People's Identity Card, National Card, and People's Insurance Schedule

*Travel route map

*City map of the desired destination

Nutrition on the trip:

*Try not to use restaurants as fast as possible.

* OAvoid cooking fast foods that are spoiled and choose light and cool foods.

*Do not mix raw and cooked foods uncoated.

*Make meat, chicken and fish from reputable places.

*Do not buy yogurt, dough or local milk from unauthorized places.

*Provide food that has a license, a license, and a standard mark.

*If you are using canned food, be sure to boil them boiling water for 20 minutes before checking them out and check their date of use.

Seat belts in addition to providing driver's health will make driving more fluent

Environmental Health:

*Avoid dumping your garbage on the road, by the rivers, the forest, etc. (make sure you have a garbage bag in your car and drop trash bags when you stop the car)

*Use sanitary nurseries and avoid contamination of the forest and the river.

*Avoid turning on fire in the forest, as it can cause fires.

*Be sure to use healthy and sanitary drinking water, because using contaminated and non-polluting water causes diseases like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, diarrhea and parasitic diseases.

*Never use unscented ice to make cold water.

Retrieved from my fellow countryman